Ten Tips On How To Be An Attractive Single Dad

Ten Tips On How To Be An Attractive Single Dad

If you’re a single dad or planning to be one in the future, there are plenty of online resources that can help you become the best parent possible. But what about your personal life? What about your appearance? Dating as a single parent can be tricky, especially if you are juggling all of your parenting responsibilities on your own. Here are ten tips on Ten Tips On How To Be An Attractive Single Dad so that you can find love and companionship through dating again after the loss of your spouse or partner.


Tip 1: There is no should


If you’re a solo dad, there’s no rule book on how to be attractive. There is no should. You do you and your kids. If they like it, great. If not? It doesn’t matter, because their liking of you is not part of your attractiveness as a dad—your relationship with them is. They just need to know that they can trust you and rely on you for support, comfort and security.


Tip 2: Stop trying to be perfect

When you’re a single dad, your kids don’t care about whether or not you get every line right on your face. They want you to love them and spend time with them.


Tell yourself that it’s okay if no one else finds you attractive. Focus on being a great father to your children instead of worrying about how others perceive you. Put in as much effort into being a good dad as possible, but be sure to cut yourself some slack while doing so!


Tip 3: Don’t Believe The Stereotypes

People have a tendency to play into stereotypes, often assuming that men with children cannot find romantic partners and also assuming that single fathers are either irresponsible or only looking for sex.


You need to see these misconceptions for what they are – untrue and unfair generalizations designed to scare men away from being single dads.


Set aside such negative preconceptions, go out there, and meet new people who will see you for your true value as a man who is caring, responsible, and extremely successful at raising a child on his own.


Tip 4: It Is Not As Bad As You Think

Accepting The Fact That You Are A Solo Parent Is The First Step. Do Not Become One Of Those Father Figures Who Starts Playing Favorites: You are both father and mother to your child. Ask For Help; There Is Nothing Wrong With It.


Find a reliable support group or someone you can talk to that is outside of your situation but knows what you are going through so you have someone to commiserate with as well as help you out when needed.


Tip 5: Being Alone Doesn’t Mean Being Lonely

Having a good relationship with yourself is a must when raising kids on your own. Whether you’re single by choice or divorce, you need to find ways to enjoy your own company and fill up those solo nights with fun activities for yourself.


Dating can be tough as a single parent but taking time for yourself will help remind you of what it feels like to have fun again.


Tip 6: Take Time For Yourself

As a solo parent, it’s important that you schedule time for yourself. Whether it’s a trip to your local pub or even just a quiet hour of reading at home.


Taking time to do what you enjoy is vital for your physical and mental health. If you feel like being around people but don’t have any children nearby, volunteer somewhere and make new friends.


Tip 7: Embrace Your Differences

There’s no one way to be a parent. Some dads are super-involved, others are more laid back. If you’re a single dad, embrace your differences.


Try not to let them impact your relationships with your children negatively. They might think something’s wrong with you if you make an effort to be too much like their friends\’ dads. And that can really damage how they view you in years to come.


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Tip 8: Enjoy The Ride!

Make The Most Of What You Have: Don’t look at your single status as something that separates you from others. At its core, being a single dad is about a unique relationship with your child. So cherish it and make every moment count.


Tip 9: Respect Your Kids, They Are In A Difficult Position Too

Having a parent dating someone can be really awkward for your kids and you need to respect that. They may feel left out because now you have to divide your time between them and another person.


Meaning more missed opportunities for family time together. Even worse, some of their friends may tease them about having a new mom.


Even if it’s only a girlfriend at first. Let your kids know that they come first and everyone else comes second.


Tip 10 What Would Steve Do? (Spoiler Alert, He Did It!)

Keeping in contact with your ex is rarely a good idea. Although it can be tempting to go back and try to repair broken bridges. If your ex-wife has found someone new and is happy.


You may just be putting yourself in a position to cause problems for your family by showing up again after they have moved on. Focus on being a great single dad, keep working hard and you will soon be dating again! Remember: what would Steve do? (Spoiler alert, he did it!)