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If you want to save your marriage and avoid the gruelling financial strain from divorce, have your wife do a full 180 and come running back to you changing her mind and reversing all divorce procedures whilst ensuring your family stays together…

then this will be the most important letter you ever read!

But before I tell you more about how…

Let Me Be Very Clear About One Thing

I’ve had a lot of success helping men save their marriage, save their families, re-create that spark, reverse the divorce procedure and have their
wife come back to them more committed, affectionate and loving than ever before…

And a by-product of this is, often, very happy children that love that their mom and dad are back together

But.. Big but – this is not some pie in the sky, quick fix program!

This takes work from the both of us, as a team!

If you’re looking for a non existent magic pill with no work save yourself time, leave this page and get ready for divorce. (I’m sure that’s not you)

But on the other hand…

If you just need someone to show you exactly what that “work” is and hold your hand every step of the way…

and you’re prepared to take the steps I reveal to save your marriage and have your children back at home…

Then please read on…

because you’re the Man I have absolutely no doubt I can help

Here’s the deal.

What you’re about to get is the exact 12 steps in detail my clients have used to not only save their marriage but have their wives come running
back to them changing their mind on divorce, more attracted, more loving, kinder, more understanding and caring than they ever were before


In making this happen for all of the Men’s marriages I’ve saved, I’ve spent literally thousands of hours refining, tweaking, documenting and perfecting this 12 week program so that it works for any man regardless of the reasons that broke down the marriage.

This will work for you even if you’re a;

  • Man who’s cheated but you truly are sorry and regret it
  • Man who’s pushed their wife away through jealousy
  • Man who’s been cheated on but wants your wife back with her feeling sorry and committed to making it work
  • Man whose wife left because you’ve let yourself go
  • Man who, through his actions tipped the power balance to your Wife
  • Man whose wife left because of financial hardship
  • Man who made the mistake of making his whole life about his wife
  • Man who’s lost the respect from his wife
  • Man who’s already had divorce papers served
  • Man who begged her to come back but she said “No!”
  • Man that feels there’s no hope
  • Man whose wife has already moved out or you’ve moved out
  • Man who feels they’ve lost their masculinity
  • Man who feels they’ve damaged communication so much they’ve no chance
  • Man who feels they’ve become weak in the marriage
  • Man who feels depressed and anxious and lacking energy
  • Man with family values who needs his family back
  • Man’s whose kids are everything to him
  • Man whose marriage broke down because you wanted different things

If any one of the above is similar to your situation…

Or you’ve become the needy one, you’ve lost respect from your wife, trust, attraction, belief or even if your wife has told you there’s “no chance”…

The 12 Week Program will still make it so your wife quite literally won’t be able to stop herself feeling the strong desire to come running back to you and return back to family life like before

Transforming her from…

Distant to wanting to be close

Avoiding and needing space to pursuing and curious of your every move

Cold to loving and soft hearted and attentive

Shaming to doting

And more importantly…

Serving papers to sitting at the the dinner table together as a family with bright, refreshing and exciting times ahead as a loving family

 It’s important to note that my rates for a 1 hour consultation are $2000.00 USD but not for anyone that lands on this page…

If you’re wondering why not?

Well you must have come here from another piece of my content and I wanted to say a very real thank you for taking the time to read, act and
consume my training and content…

I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you being here…

I went from having nothing left, living in my mother's basement to saving my marriage all in 5 weeks. I would recommend this to anyone, he's a kind person who really cares.
Conner Benson

So Here's How The 12 Week Program Will Work For You & What We Will Do To Save Your Marriage

Here’s exactly how the 12 week program works and here’s what you’ll uncover in greater detail on our call…


Week 1: Damage Mitigation Call:
The undesirable actions and negative perceptions from your wife of you that built up over time are the bleeding vein to your marriage.
In this first 30 minute session we very quickly dissect and diagnose those leaks and 100% prevent any further damage.
Value $1000.00 USD


Week 2: Status Control Call:
Your “partnership status” is low in your wife’s eyes, that’s why she left. That’s about to change in week 2 because we’re going to take you through the 5 point status upgrade habits that dramatically increase your Wife’s positive perception of you.
Value $1000.00 USD


Week 3: Action Diagnoses 1 Call :
In all divorces there are blocks that 99% of Men are unaware of that make it a near certainty that your wife wont come back.
In this diagnosis session we discover your blocks and clear them with a simple yet highly effective technique that allows the right energy to flow between you both.
Value $1000.00 USD

Week 4: Action Diagnoses 2 Call:
The last 3 weeks we’ve made a lot of positive changes and you’d have gotten a lot of positive indicators from your Wife letting you know she sees them. This week we keep the Marriage wheel turning by dialing in on what’s brought the most positive change and locking that in as a permanent habit! By this point she calls you a lot more and you’ll start seeing results.
Value $1000.00 USD


Week 5: Overall Action Diagnosis Analysis Call:
This is where we’ve got your positive actions, changes and habits in check. You’re consistent and self-empowered. You’ll be now starting to naturally do the things that charm your wife and increase the chances of winning back your family. Your status has positively gone up tenfold in her eyes. Communication is on your terms and she keeps calling, curious where you’re at she’ll now of gone from “I’m leaving” to “I think I made a big mistake”
Value $1000.00 USD


Week 6: Approach and Engagement Tactics:
Navigating the overwhelming influx of messages & contact is difficult, we walk you through all you need to know and what space you need to emanate from in order to have your wife thinking, wanting, needing a response. You’re now noticing the tables have almost turned.
Value $1000.00 USD


Week 7: Meditation and Alignment Call:
Secret high vibrational positive energy recording Everything we do creates energy and our negative actions sustain a low vibrational energy and our positive actions sustain a high vibrational energy. Listening to this secret recording I use and all my clients use every day creates an unseen force around you that keeps you energized and mindful enjoying the present moment, resulting in your partner always feeling good around you. Women act on feelings and emotion
Value $1000.00 USD


Week 8: Desire Check Call:
This week we measure her levels of desire for you through her actions so we can clearly see her unconscious desire indicators and tweak our actions accordingly thus raising her desire even more to be back in your arms resulting in her seeing the need to restore the family unit.
Value $1000.00 USD

Week 9 Safe & Sound 5 P’s:
Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! This week we’re ready to lay the foundation for her return. Everything we do here needs to be calculated & strategic. We cross your I’s and dot your t’s to ensure a safe & sound return home with her feeling comfortable and like she’s doing the right thing.
Value $1000.00 USD

Week 10 Phasing:
What to do when your (ex) wife returns: – Phasing the move back strategically is extremely important. Phasing maintains your ability to take things slow and shows you’re grounded and not in a needy state which ups her desire even more. She’ll be in a hurry to get back but you’ll be calm and collected if you follow the phasing process we lay out for you.
Value $1000.00 USD


Week 11: Don’t Rock The Boat:
How to be Captain Jack Sparrow without sinking the ship on its return. As you’re phasing your family back in and of course extremely happy about it you need to 100% guarantee that you don’t fall into any co-dependency habits you may have had that turned her away.

We do this by using something called the independent stance technique. It’s very powerful and creates a strong desire to be completely self-reliant whilst increasing self-esteem.
Value $1000.00 USD


Week 12: Sustain and Secure:
I’m going to show you how to hardwire this new you that attracted your Wife back into every cell of your being so you’re happier, she’s happier and your family’s happier. When she comes back we need to be able to manifest this healthy, beautiful relationship daily & that is difficult to do. Nearly every single one of our clients needs post-return support so we added this bonus week to the process.

Value $1000.00 USD



  1. Week 1: Damage Mitigation Call
  2. Week 2: Status Control Call
  3. Week 3: Action Diagnoses 1 Call
  4. Week 4: Action Diagnoses 2 Call
  5. Week 5: Overall Action Diagnosis Analysis Call
  6. Week 6: Approach and Engagement Tactics
  7. Week 7: Meditation and Alignment Call
  8. Week 8: Desire Check Call
  9. Week 9 Safe & Sound 5 P’s
  10. Week 10 Phasing
  11. Week 11: Don’t Rock The Boat
  12. Week 12: Sustain and Secure
Total Value : 12 x 1000.00 USD = $12,000.00 USD 

The 12 Week Program

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If you’re thinking “holy cow, that’s a lot, how is it worth that?” Read on, I promise it’ll be worth your time by the end.


I totally understand, but ponder on this for a moment…

Besides saving your marriage from divorce you could be saving on some of these and more as a middle class family:

  • The costs of having to move out \$3000.00 to \$4000.00
  • Losing the House $600,000.00
  • New non shared phone plans and separating he plans $300.00
  • Cars $15,000.00 to $20,000.00
  • Child support now as a single unit $20,000.00 a year
  • Lawyer fees $50,000.00 for 24 months of consultation
  • Mediation fees $100.00 to $2000.00 an hour
  • Alimony $20,000.00, $30,000.00, $40,000.00, $50,000.00, $100,000.00, $300,000.00 or more
  • Therapy for Children and Adults $10,000.00 to $15,000.00
  • Loss of earnings: statistically Men’s careers suffer through divorce
Business insider published a report by BankRate that the average divorce costs are at least upwards of $15,000.00+ per person 
and could be much more
And that’s not taking into account the huge emotional cost on your life and happiness
So you can see why saving your marriage actually would be worth more than $12,000.00 USD
If you’re thinking there’s a lot to do here and it’s really comprehensive, you’re right!
And that’s because this is the process that works…
If you’re also thinking that’s a lot of value and strategy, you’re right again…
That’s not all of it, you’re also getting what I call “Marriage Insurance” for a duration of 5 years
Marriage Insurance:  5 Years
I know from experience that with many of the marriages I’ve saved and divorces I’ve stopped that many of the Men I’ve helped sometimes still feel like they need some support after they’ve won their family back
So I’m also giving you 1 on 1 access to a direct message route straight to me so you can, on the fly, in real time ask me questions about any pressing issue or concern you might have in your marriage down the line, the moment it happens.
Or maybe you just need to communicate and get some helpful reminders to keep you on track in real time, making sure you remain in your power and make the right moves.
So you get 5 years access to me in your pocket for any and every question you’ve got regarding some insight you might need about anything in your relationship with your wife.
Total Value $5,000.00 USD
Limited Time Offer $1,000.00 USD
Most of my clients will opt for the lifetime loop, it covers things such as breakups, separation & future issues within the relationship.
So this is what you are going to get;
  1. 12 Week Program
  2. Marriage Insurance – 5 Years (For a Limited time – Included NOW)
Total Value $17,000.00 USD
But don’t just take my word for it, listen to a small handful of others I’ve helped say

By Now You’re Probably Wondering…

If These 12 Steps Are So Great Why Are You Giving Them To Me For Free?

That’s a very fair question and I’ll be entirely straightforward and to the point.
This 12 step program has helped Men from all over the world win their families back and save their marriage
It’s saved them from the financial horror of Divorce
I’m going to go through your specific problems and circumstances and tell you exactly how to apply them to your situation on the free call
I’m sure once we’ve gone over them together you’ll definitely want to use this proven process to save your marriage…
And then what happens is on the call, you’ll basically have two choices…
  1. You can go and try implementing them yourself
Once we’ve gone through your needs and specific circumstances on our free call, and I’ve explained the 12 steps in greater detail so you can use
You can go ahead and lay the foundations in week 1 to be ready to win your wife back
You can try to do the meditation and stay centred and emotionally stable from my advice on the call
You can memorize all of the right responses to certain tests your wife will throw your way and hopefully get them right over the coming weeks
You can use all of the steps I explain, the psychological techniques, the diagnoses and prescriptions I give regarding what actions to take
And if you do decide to take choice one…
It is honestly great, if you actually hold yourself accountable and follow through without falter for the 12 weeks it’ll be worth it and I truly wish you the best of luck! (fact: most don’t do well alone)
  1. Or your other option is to have myself take you the whole way through the process 1 on 1
Through every message, call, text, meeting and step of the 12 week program I’ll make sure you’re always showing up your best with the right
The mediations, the affirmations, the lifestyle changes, we’ll make sure you’re utilizing them properly and truly changing your state and presence for the better
I’ll be there to hold you accountable and ensure you see the whole program through making sure you’re hand held every step of the way and actually achieve what we’re setting out to achieve.
The problem is most people don’t follow through left to their own devices, with me by your side you’ll have no choice and this will give you the best possible opportunity to have your Wife running back
If you choose to get my 1 on 1 help, you won’t be paying the $17,000.00 USD  real value either
While most of my clients have no issue with paying this upfront – I am about to throw you a big juicy bone..
You’ll be taken by the hand and personally mentored every step of the way so that your family is restored…
You’ll never have to worry about any situation again that you might not know how to handle because you’ll have lifetime access through a special app just for me and you to communicate
If you choose this 1 on 1 option then for today only you will get a special discount of $14,000.00 USD (can only receive discount on consultation call)
Below are the new prices that I have discounted for you – today only
  1. The 12 Week Program – $12,000.00 USD   $2,000.00 USD
  2. Marriage Insurance : 5 Years – $5,000.00 USD  $1,000.00 USD
Total : $17,000.00 USD 
Today Only : $3000.00 USD

Let us Understand your situation and save your marriage. We’ll listen, and craft a plan, give you the exact help you need as we go through this period together. Ontop of that, our marriage insurance covers you for another 5 years where you  still get my support the moment you need it.

The 12 Week Program

Book your Initial Consultation here – We can help with finance

 Note: Payment Options Available
If you’re thinking this call might not be valuable let me address something you may be wondering about…
This is entirely up to you – it’s you investing in you!
Truth is, I know I can help you a lot more with my 1 on 1 help and me being there able to personally guide you every step of the way makes it extremely likely we’ll save your marriage…
Of course I’d love to help you do that…
But if the 1 on 1 is not for you that’s totally okay!
You won’t be hassled or cajoled into anything on the call, that’s not my style
Either way, the call will be extremely valuable to you.

You're Going To Get A Complete Breakdown Of The 12 Week Program, Marriage Insurance & How It Will Save Your Marriage

You’re going to get a complete breakdown of the 12 Steps and exactly how they work and why they work so well.
If you simply apply a fraction of what I reveal from the 12 week program you’ll get incredible results
I’ll take it 1 step further…

Here's A Friendly Reminder About My Hourly Rate Which Is $2k But Today I Will Give You $1900 off - Now Just $100

Seriously – There’s no way the 12 week program shouldn’t work for you, unless you don’t take action and hold yourself accountable that is.
So think about it this way…
The worst thing can happen to you is you get to rack my brain for an hour learning about a formulaic proven process
that’s already saved dozens of men families from divorce
The best thing that could happen is you decide to take the help you need and actually put into action the program and save your own marriage
Either way you’re going to come out on top, it’s a win win for you!
I’ve asked Men from all over the world
What hurt them most about the breakdown of their marriage and eventual divorce…
Here’s the most common responses…
  • Not being able to tuck their Children in at night
  • Not seeing their Children at Christmas or Birthdays
  • The hurt feeling of the nest being ripped apart
  • Seeing the children hurt
  • Feeling like a lost jigsaw piece from a full puzzle
  • Feeling they’ve lost their purpose or identity
  • Watching their Wife enjoy life without them
  • Feeling hopeless
  • The financial catastrophe
  • Leaving and losing the family home
  • Feeling like I failed
If any of the above resonate with you…

My wife went on holiday to Florida with another man and burnt me really badly. Spent 18 months trying to get her back, after the 12 Week Program she came back within about a month. Thanks to Brad for helping me finance this. 100% would recommend it.
Lyle Cotter

So Here's What I Want You To Do Next

First you’ll need to click below and book a time to talk about how we can save your marriage. Don’t worry, it’s simple and quick to do.
It’s just to get an idea of where you’re at, what your problems are and what happened in your marriage so I can better understand how to help you solve them on our call.
It will ask for the $100 for the Initial Consultation which I have already given $1900 off on
I need my clients to be 100% onboard, so there are a few questions that will vet you to ensure we are a good fit.
I’m just using it as a filter as we are time restricted and have a tonne of clients who could be in that spot instead.
After we speak for about 45 – 50 minutes I will have a better understanding of whether or not you are a good fit for Coach Brad & it will be at that point that I offer you a spot on the 12 Week Program or not, spots are not guaranteed 

Caution: 12 Week Program Wait Time Often 1-2 Week Delay Due To High Demand & Limited Spots

The opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense 1 on 1 time needed to provide you with the outcome you need.
There’s a very large demand for 1 on 1 personal help from myself and what I’m offering to you is unprecedented.
So with that being the case, if you really need help, act quickly as the window of opportunity won’t be open for long.
If you feel like this is for you click here and fill in the application and then schedule you’re call

Updated: Limited Time COVID Special Started - $2000 Discounted $1900 Here, I'll Help You Out Again - Further $100 Off Consultation Now - Free

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The 12 Week Program

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