12 Week Program

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Initial Consultation

Begin Your Path to Reconciliation

Start your journey back from the brink of marital loss with a comprehensive  initial consultation that dives deep into the personal and interpersonal challenges you’re facing,  whether you’ve made mistakes or been wronged yourself. 

Expert Analysis

Receive a thorough assessment of your marital situation from a professional perspective.

Tailored Advice

Get personalized guidance based on the specific dynamics and issues of your relationship.

Confidential Environment

Discuss your concerns in a secure and private setting to ensure openness and honesty.

Immediate Support

Access immediate strategies to begin addressing urgent issues affecting your marriage.

Clear Next Steps

Understand the initial steps to take following the consultation to start mending your relationship.

Compassionate Approach

Experience a supportive and understanding interaction focused on your needs and feelings.

I went from having nothing left, living in my mother's basement to saving my marriage all in 5 weeks. I would recommend this to anyone, he's a kind person who really cares.
Conner Benson

Diagnostic Insights

Understanding the Roots of Conflict

Delve into the underlying causes of your marital strife with focused diagnostic  sessions designed to illuminate both the overt and hidden issues that have led to feelings of  betrayal, neglect, or frustration in your relationship. 

In-depth Exploration

Uncover the deeper reasons behind conflicts and dissatisfaction.

Historical Patterns

Identify patterns or recurring themes that may contribute to problems.

Emotional Recognition

Address emotional wounds and triggers within the relationship.

Personal Accountability

Focus on personal growth and acknowledgment of past actions.

Constructive Feedback

Receive constructive insights on how to improve communication and interaction.

Preventive Measures

Learn strategies to prevent future conflicts

Behavioral Adjustments

Gain insights into necessary behavioral changes that can positively impact your relationship dynamics.

The 12 Week Program

Book your Initial Consultation here – We can help with finance

Strategic Recovery Planning

Crafting Your Personal Recovery Strategy

Equip yourself with a custom recovery plan crafted to address the specific  challenges you’ve faced in your marriage, whether from infidelity, communication breakdown,  or emotional disconnect. 

Step-by-Step Guidance

Follow a clear, actionable plan tailored to mend the specific fractures in your relationship.

Focus on Healing

Prioritize emotional healing for both partners, fostering a nurturing environment for growth.

Rebuilding Trust

Implement trust-building activities and consistent behaviors that reinforce reliability and commitment.

Enhancing Intimacy

Learn techniques to enhance emotional and physical intimacy, reconnecting you with your partner.

Conflict Resolution

Develop skills to resolve future disputes effectively, without escalating tension.

Long-Term Goals

Set realistic, long-term goals to guide the ongoing improvement of your marital relationship.

The 12 Week Program

Book your Initial Consultation here – We can help with finance

Implementation and Support

Activate Your Marital Recovery Plan

Transition from planning to action with continuous support and guidance,  ensuring that every step you take moves you closer to a revitalized marriage. 

Consistent Support

Benefit from ongoing support as you implement your recovery strategies, ensuring you are not alone in this journey.

Regular Check-ins:

Schedule regular sessions to assess progress, make adjustments, and maintain momentum.

Practical Tools

Use tools and resources provided to facilitate communication, manage stress, and track progress.

Emotional Coping Strategies

Master techniques to manage emotional responses and maintain mental health.

Partner Engagement

Encourage and facilitate the involvement of your spouse in the recovery process, ensuring mutual effort and understanding.

Celebration of Milestones

Recognize and celebrate key milestones as you notice improvements in your marriage.

My wife went on holiday to Florida with another man and burnt me really badly. Spent 18 months trying to get her back, after the 12 Week Program she came back within about a month. Thanks to Brad for helping me finance this. 100% would recommend it.
Lyle Cotter

Sustaining Improvements

Secure a Lasting Positive Change in Your Marriage

Strengthen the foundations you’ve rebuilt with sustainable practices and  insights that ensure your marriage continues to thrive beyond the initial recovery phase.

Reinforcement of Positive Changes

Continuously reinforce the positive changes made, ensuring they become permanent aspects of your relationship.

Advanced Communication Techniques

Learn and apply advanced communication strategies to deepen understanding and empathy.

Future Planning

Collaborate on future plans that align with both partners’ aspirations and relationship goals.

Stress Management

Integrate stress management techniques into your daily life to prevent old patterns from reemerging.

Ongoing Personal Development

Commit to personal development that supports your role in a healthy marriage.

Lasting Support Network

Establish a support network of professionals and peers who can provide advice and encouragement as needed.

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Client Onboarding

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