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Ep 11. Getting To Know Coach Brad

Find out about Founder & Ceo Bradley Prouting’s personal journey through the divorce industry. 

You’ll hear;

  1. What he went through
  2. How he started Coach Brad
  3. How we see ourselves growing in the future

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Ep 38. Interested in Saving Your Marriage?

On today’s podcast, we talk about what you need to know in order to save your marriage.

It’s really important for Coach Brad to identify:
1.  What went wrong,
2.  Our client’s needs &
3.  Whether or not they are fit and able to go through such transformation in order to get results.

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Ep 39. Damage Mitigation Call

On today’s podcast, we are talking about what you’ll get in Week #1 of the 12 Week Program.

The undesirable actions and negative perceptions from your wife of you that built up over time are the bleeding veins of your marriage.

In this first 30-minute session we very quickly dissect and diagnose those leaks and 100% prevent any further damage.

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