35 Signs Your Marriage Is Over for Men in 2023

Are you feeling like your marriage is coming to an end? 

If so, you’re not alone. In 2023, the signs that your marriage is over for men can be difficult to detect. From subtle changes in behavior to more overt signs, it’s important to be aware of the indicators that your relationship is not as strong as it once was. In this blog post, we will cover 35 signs your marriage is over for men in 2023 to help you determine if it’s time to consider taking the next step.

When it comes to the important aspects of staying married, it can be difficult to recognize the signs your marriage is over for men in 2023. You may feel emotionally drained and constantly wonder if your marriage is ending. It’s normal to experience negative thoughts and to spend time worrying about the future. 

If you are noticing any of these warning signs that your marriage is over, it is a telling sign that one partner may no longer be invested in the relationship. Even if there is no domestic violence or other serious issues, it can be difficult to keep a successful marriage going when both parties are not on the same page. 

It is possible that you are feeling like you are losing interest in your partner or that they are constantly angry with you and distant. Perhaps family members have suggested marriage counseling as a way of sorting through the signs your marriage is over. This article will explore the 35 signs your marriage is over for men in 2023 and discuss the warning signs, the current situation, and what you can do over the next 6 months with and without help.

The 35 Signs Your Marriage Is Over

  1. Your wife has clocked out Mentally

This looks like: She doesn’t answer your questions, she doesn’t reply to your messages straight away, she leaves you on seen.


  1. Detachment

This looks like: No physical touch, she puts distance between you two. Something that will come intuitively after 4-6 months of coldness.


  1. Arguments get personal

This looks like: Arguments aren’t productive – she no longer wants to play fair and she insults you about personal things. Off-topic issues come up including your family and friends.


  1. Wife is talking to other men & hiding it

This looks like: Her changing her phone code or hiding her phone when she’s sleeping or using the bathroom so you can’t go on and catch her. If you see her messaging someone more than usual and she admits she is messaging somebody who is “just a friend” then you should be suspicious.


  1. Intimacy is down 90%

This looks like: Going to bed at different times, she being cold, you can be in love with somebody but if they are hurting you then the last thing you want to do is have sex with them – you may feel this way also.


  1. Feeling Lonely

This looks like: Spending more time on your own at home while your wife goes out with her friends, if there is no trust while she is away from home then this will cause you much stress.


  1. Resentment toward your wife

This looks like: You no longer like your wife as a person, you feel she is a total bitch and could be doing it on purpose. If this is the case then no amount of begging can turn things around.


  1. Wife cannot stop bringing up your past

This looks like: Your wife keeps bringing up your nights out or ex-partners. She keeps tabs on what you do and it becomes a scorecard. This could also look like her stalking your social media accounts or friends on social media, It becomes ugly and unattractive.


  1. No trust in your joint finances

This looks like: She dips into the account for her trips to Florida or to see “her best friend” in Georgia. She goes on holiday or leaves abruptly to a destination hours away to be with someone else. 


  1. Wife withdrawing from her roles around the house

This looks like: Household chores or jobs stop happening, she does this on purpose because she has withdrawn from the marriage. Dinner doesn’t get cooked, washing doesn’t get done, she no longer cares about feeding your dog and she does this all on purpose.


  1. Short replies

This looks like: Yes, No, Huh? These are classics for somebody who has emotionally checked out or is wanting you to submit to her. If you come across this then step back before you get too clingy. If you find yourself needing answers then ask her to coffee or a sit-down, get your answers & get out.


  1. She makes decisions on things without consulting you

This looks like: You find out about things to do with your children last minute. Maybe they are going to their friend’s house or their grandparents without you knowing. She could also sell cars, assets or move money without telling you. Sometimes you may hear things through mutual friends before she has told you about it.


  1. Text messaging drops by 90%

This looks like: You aren’t getting the same morning, lunchtime messages anymore about what you are doing after work. It becomes a battle to get her to answer anything and it’s always 2-3 hours late. She won’t answer your message with an answer, it’ll be more along the lines of “Sorry, busy”


  1. You are always apologizing to defuse the situation

This looks like: Overall tension when in the same room, you both know things are rocky. She will cause a minor conflict knowing you will apologize and submit to her, stop apologizing and see how far you can push things.


  1. She’s not the same person you married

This looks: When you started dating she upheld her part to be presentable, respectful and accountable for her role. She doesn’t respect the marriage so she lets it get ugly without guilt. She could be going out more or presenting herself differently.


  1. Isolation – mentally & physically

This feels like: You always need to be at home, have an excuse just to go to the grocery store & more. If you feel like you are an imposter in public living on edge waiting for your phone to blow up asking where you are.


  1. She starts only cooking for herself

This looks like: Her eating dinner on the couch, you ask her why she only cooked for herself – she says something along the lines of “You tell me you wanted this” or she will make something specific to her diets such as a vegan meal or something that you don’t like.


  1. Lack of Humor

This looks like: Her being short-spoken, lack of communication, purposefully not laughing & more. If you find her laughing at content on her phone or messages from other people then she is checked out.


  1. You are only staying together for your children

This looks like: Feeling tied to the situation, wishing you had children with someone else. You hear things from your children before you hear them from your wife.


  1. Feeling like it’s You vs Her on everything

This looks like: When you stand up for yourself and she isn’t willing to budge. If you caught her out and she isn’t admitting guilt or redirecting it back to something you did. 


  1. You both want different futures

This looks like: Thinking about who you will end up with, her talking about who her parents want her to be with or mentioning what other guys are doing/ how well they would look after her.


  1. Friends start telling you to get out

This looks like: You go to your friends for help but you always get the same advice. At some point you will exhaust all advice or people to talk to people they will get sick of hearing your downfalls without action. 


  1. You are further down on her priorities

This looks like: Knowing she would rather listen to her dog than you, that’s a telling sign. If you have moved, making sacrifices or doing things that aren’t being reciprocated then you should test the tension by pulling away.


  1. You make excuses for her bad behavior

This looks like: Your friends telling you she is no good but you tell them her excuses. Oh her mum died, oh her exam was canceled, oh her car broke down, oh her dad abandoned her when she was young.


  1. Wife won’t get joint help to work on things

This looks like: You book marriage counseling but she feels like this isn’t part of her narrative to control you, she won’t show because it’s not the relationship she cares about – it’s the control shes scared of losing.


  1. Wife starts talking about or to her ex-lovers

This looks like: Wife has been watching her ex for some time and mentions he is back in town – this leads to her catching up with him. Totally wrong – there are no excuses to be friends with your ex or need attention from them. If she is doing this then give a stern warning, if not followed then leave.


  1. Wife threatens to divorce you constantly

This looks like: Arguments that lead to this threat. Because you want to avoid being threatened you subconsciously avoid the argument so it doesn’t get to that. This is the ultimate form of manipulation.


  1. One of you spends more time away from the house than usual

This looks like: You don’t know where she’s going or why she’s not home until 7 pm. She always says she’s doing something simple – 1-hour task but it takes 5. If she says she’s at her friends then perhaps she is splitting her time between her friend and maybe going on a date with someone else or seeing her ex.


  1. You start thinking about dating other women

This looks like: You checking out, internal struggles, lack of interest. You no longer see any point in being there. As soon as you start feeling this and add distance she can sense this and she starts to comply. It’s almost ironic – as soon as you don’t want it, it wants you.


  1. You hide conversations with other women

This looks like: You change the lock on your phone, you hide your phone, you tell your partner you are with other friends. If your partner finds out you are speaking to someone you tell them a lie about who they are. 


  1. She trusts her friends more than she trusts you

This Looks like: Her friends are in her ear about leaving you, could be saying she can do better. Be careful of third-party influence – they always work against you.


  1. Wife speaks badly about you to her family

This looks like: Getting her parents or siblings involved makes it harder for her to come back. She needs to do the cleaning up if you reconcile. The more she respects the say of her family member the less likely she is to reconcile, sorry – just the truth.


  1. She’s violent – domestically, physically

This looks like: She throws things at you, bites you, holds a knife at you or all of the above. If she does this then she needs help outside of the relationship. In this case, I tell my clients to leave.


  1. Toxic household

This looks like: Her not answering you or ignoring you on purpose. Consistent bad behavior on purpose. If you are caught in a toxic household and you want to save your marriage you need to get space between you and speak outside of your battlefield.


  1. Lying about who she is with when not at the house

This looks like: Her being away during the early evenings, maybe she comes back at 9 pm and acts as she has been with her friends. You will know straight away because she will tell you she was doing a 1-hour job and it took her 5.


Understanding the Process

When a couple starts to experience issues in their relationship, it can be difficult to determine the signs that your marriage is over. While there are many tell-tale signs that may indicate the end of a relationship, it is important to understand all the aspects that go into a successful marriage

It is important to note that each couple’s situation is unique and what works for one couple may not necessarily work for another. It is also important to look out for negative thoughts or feelings that may start to arise as this can be an indication that a breakup is imminent. Feelings of emotional exhaustion, loss of interest, and being constantly angry can be signs that something is wrong. 

Sometimes spending more time with family members and less time with one partner can be a telling sign that something is wrong. If domestic violence is present, it is even more important to be aware of the warning signs that your marriage is over.

Working with Coach Brad can be a great way for couples to learn how to get back on the same page and stay married. If a couple does decide to seek coaching, they should take the necessary steps to ensure that the process is successful. This includes discussing all important aspects of the marriage and determining how to move forward. 

In conclusion, understanding the process is key when it comes to determining the signs that your marriage is over. By paying attention to the warning signs and seeking help when necessary, couples can make an informed decision on whether they want to stay together or not.

The Warning Signs

When it comes to understanding the signs your marriage is over for men in 2023, it is important to pay attention to the warning signs. It is not always obvious when a marriage is in trouble, but there are some telltale signs that indicate that all is not well.

1. Breakup talk: If one or both of you are talking about breaking up, it could be a sign that your marriage is in trouble. This could include things like wishing you could break up without hurting anyone, or constantly wondering if a breakup is the best option. 

2. Emotional drained: If you or your partner are feeling emotionally drained and unable to connect, this can be a telling sign that the relationship isn’t what it once was. 

3. Negative thoughts: If one partner is having negative thoughts about the other partner, this could be a sign that the relationship is heading towards a breakdown.

4. Spending time apart: If you and your partner have started to spend more time apart and do not have as much quality time together, this could be an indication that the relationship is faltering.

5. Losing interest: If you or your partner are losing interest in each other, it could be a sign that your marriage is in trouble. This could include things like not wanting to go on dates, not spending time together, or having a lack of intimate conversations.

6. Constantly angry: If one partner is constantly angry with the other, it could be a sign that the relationship is not going well. This could include things like explosive fights, name-calling, and domestic violence. 

7. Family members: If your family members start to express their concerns about your relationship, it could be a sign that the relationship is in trouble.

It’s important to understand these signs and take them into account if you want to stay married and have a successful marriage. Being aware of the warning signs can help both partners get on the same page and work together to improve the marriage

If you feel like any of these signs are present in your marriage, it may be beneficial to consider marriage counseling or couples therapy in order to move forward in a healthy way.

Current Situation

It can be difficult to identify the signs that your marriage is over, but it’s important to take a step back and assess the situation. Some key aspects to consider include the amount of time you are spending together, how you are feeling emotionally, and any warning signs you may have been picking up on. 

If you feel like your marriage is stuck in a rut, it might be time to reassess the relationship and make sure that you are both still on the same page. If one partner feels constantly angry or drained, this could be a telling sign that there is something wrong in the relationship. Other signs of a failing marriage may include constantly wondering if a breakup is imminent, or having negative thoughts towards each other.

If the warning signs are there and you’re worried that your marriage is over, it’s important to consider all your options. You may want to think about whether marriage counseling is something that could help – it’s an effective way for couples to work through their issues and see if there is still a chance of staying married. 

It’s also important to look out for signs of domestic violence, as this can be an indicator that a relationship is not healthy. 

It’s also important to remember that there is hope for a successful marriage even if you’re noticing the signs your marriage is over for men. There may still be a way to turn things around and get back on track – by talking openly with your partner and taking the steps needed to ensure that both of you are getting what you need out of the relationship.

Next 6 Months: With Help

If you’re struggling with being emotionally drained, constantly wondering if your marriage is over and spending time searching for signs your marriage is over for men, it is important to remember that the best way to save your marriage is to seek help. 

Working with Coach Brad over The next 6 months will help you save your marriage, by addressing all the important aspects such as communicating openly and getting on the same page with your partner. 

Warning signs of a marriage breakdown can include negative thoughts, one partner losing interest, constantly angry, domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Marriage counseling can help couples to stay married, especially when there are family members involved and both partners are willing to commit to the process. 

By understanding the signs your marriage is over and actively working to change the current situation, couples can become successful in their marriage

An important telling sign of a successful marriage is making sure both partners understand each other and work together to create an environment of love, respect and trust. This can be achieved through open communication, taking time for each other and recognizing the warning signs before it’s too late.

Next 6 Months: Without Help

The next 6 months without help can be a very emotional time for anyone going through a marriage breakup. It’s important to remember that no matter how dire the situation may seem, it can be salvaged with hard work and dedication. 

Without help, however, the signs your marriage is over will become even more apparent and the process of separating can become even more painful.

Without any marriage counseling or intervention, it is likely that both family members and those in the marriage will start to see the warning signs that a successful marriage is not in the cards for them. 

Signs such as lack of communication, lack of trust and a general feeling of disconnect can be telling signs that a marriage is over.

It’s important to recognize that if you don’t take action over the next 6 months without help, then it is possible you will lose your marriage and family. 

This could mean a major lifestyle change for those involved, one that is often very difficult to adapt to. If you find yourself in this situation, take the time to think about what you can do to help save the marriage or make it easier on everyone involved in the separation process.

Lastly, Moving forward without help is like moving without direction or purpose. 

When it comes to saving your marriage, you only get one shot and thats something that I cannot stress enough to our clients when they come on board and if you ruin that then it becomes an even bigger mess to clean up.

If you are thinking about moving forward then there are things that you need to take into account and I will put this under moving forward without help because I want you to succeed, seriously.

So one thing that we do is we seek what’s called an algorithm

The algorithm tells us all there is to know about reattracting your partner back into the relationship or saving the marriage from divorce

Within that algorithm lies the most important and informative behaviors and cycles that form the relationship. Without cracking the algorithm you will have no chance of reattracting your partner. Without cracking the algorithm, you move forward living with false hope that time will reattract her. 

So what do we do and how do we do it,

We collect things such as


    • Data – information about the history  

    • Feedback – information about the current situation 

    • habitual cycles – your partner’s moves

    • Communication – what has been said/ how its being said

    • body language – how she acts when we use certain triggers

    • self-conscious – your biggest fears 

    • Status – her friends + your friends

    • sexual requirements – frequency

    • Manipulation – what you do without being told to  

    • child impact – your children’s unintentional involvement

Our Clients 6 Months On

Over the past 6 months, we have been amazed at how many of our clients have been able to stay married and continue to enjoy successful marriages

Many of them have managed to navigate their way through difficult circumstances with the support of their family members and the guidance of our professional consultants. They have been able to identify and address the warning signs that pointed to the need for intervention, and have created a better understanding of each other. 

Our clients are living examples of what can be achieved when both partners are committed to working on their relationship and being honest and open with each other. 

As they move into the future, they are prepared with the skills and understanding necessary to remain in a healthy marriage and continue to have successful relationships. 

We are proud to have supported these couples in their journey and are confident that they will remain happily married for many years to come.

Celebrating our successful clients in the month of January 2023


    1. James Murry – wife cheated, 12 Week Program – saved his marriage after 4 Weeks

    1. Drew Brown – was caught messaging another woman, 12 Week Program – Saved his marriage in 11 weeks

    1. Kip Johnson – too needy, 12 Week Program – saved his marriage in 12 Weeks

    1. Lyle Curry – (Separated) 3 Years apart, 12 Week Program – saved his marriage in 5 weeks

    1. Tony Kai – wife asked for a divorce, 12 Week Program – saved his marriage in 3 weeks

    1. Benjamin Schmitt – 12 months apart, 12 Week Program – saved marriage in 10 weeks

    1. Scotty J. – cheated, 12 Week Program – saved marriage in 2 weeks

    1. Curtis Seo – wife broke up, 12 Week Program – saved marriage in 12 weeks

    1. Rod Simon – married 20 years & wife lost interest, 12 Week Program – saved marriage in 7 weeks

    1. Danny K. – wife broke up with him, 12 Week Program – saved marriage in 7 days

Your Next Steps

The next steps to take in order to save your marriage and ensure a successful marriage are absolutely essential. 

There is no time to waste when it comes to taking control of your relationship and finding a solution. The most effective way to begin your journey is to book a call with Coach Brad today. 

Coach Brad has extensive experience in helping couples who are facing the threat of divorce. Through his guidance and support, couples are able to learn how to communicate effectively, address issues within their relationship, and work together to create a more successful marriage. 

By booking a call with Coach Brad today,

you will have taken the first step towards saving your marriage from the possibility of divorce. He can provide you with the insight and knowledge you need to find a solution and move forward with your relationship.