How I Helped My Client Tony Save His Marriage From Divorce

Here, we will discuss about How I Helped My Client Tony Save His Marriage From Divorce


The state you should never communicate from if you don’t want the divorce to happen



It’s something that often leaves whoever did not initiate it, feeling let down, unwanted, like a failure, hurt, confused, sad, angry, in disbelief and a whole lot more.


It’s natural to feel like this, it’s a tough pill to swallow and of course, the thought of divorce hurts and brings on a lot of anxiety and worry for what’s to come.


But here’s the cold hard truth you need to hear if you want to save your divorce


The following emotions usually follow that dreaded word


  1. Hurt
  2. Feeling of rejection
  3. Sadness
  4. Self-pity
  5. Neediness
  6. Resentment
  7. Anger and more

…But here’s the kicker!

The above emotions, although natural, will not serve you one little bit if you linger in them to long


The problem is that 90% of the time people do just that and that’s usually one of the main things that drives the final nail in the coffin. In short, we’ve got to learn to not act out of emotion, not suppress it, just not act out of it.


On that note, I want to tell you about Tony, one of my clients from 2021, from the UK.


Tony’s story may help you


Tony had fallen off his purpose at home, he and his wife would bicker and the spark had left the relationship. They started basically just co-living, often times in different beds (warning sign if this is you)


They drifted as Maria pushed for progress in her career health and just generally in herself and Tony, well Tony just sort of made everything about Maria instead of himself (another big mistake)


Eventually, those words came out of her mouth after an argument about Tony always being around the house and not having any hobbies


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“I need a break Tony”

The break turned into weeks and as time went by Tony became more needy still only focusing on his Wife, this was actually pushing her away.


Tony told me about the time his wife was due to come around for “a talk” and Tony was excited, nervous and hoping somehow it would turn out for the best. Unfortunately, the truth is – hope is not a strategy or proven process


Maria arrived and Tony’s emotions got the better of him almost immediately

He couldn\’t stop telling Maria how he wished she’d come back and that he’d change and asking when she’d be back.


Telling her he loved her and smothering her. Then she said it “Tony, i’m sorry I want a divorce, I’ve got to go”


What happened next was Tony’s next mistake


The truth is Tony had made his world about Maria, which is lovely but he needed to make space for his own world. His own self-growth


He’d fallen off his purpose and that’s not attractive to a Woman.

He’d become the Beta in the relationship and made his whole life about Maria

“Please don’t go, I need you”


There it was, with that one emotional outburst Tony had secured his place on the island of single.


The big mistake Tony made was that he spoke and acted from his negative emotions and when you’re sad, hurt and angry 99% of the time communicating from this place will never work out well for you.


So how did Tony get his wife back?


We had to get Tony to start taking action for himself, making an effort for himself and stop all and any communication from the hurt, sad and angry place.


We needed his Wife to stop seeing the needy side of Tony and make her realize that he can push forward with his life with or without her.


I had him work on himself with 12 specific essential empowering steps that created confidence, high self-esteem and self-worth in himself. How I Helped My Client Tony Save His Marriage From Divorce.


We made sure he started to only communicate with Maria when she messaged him. He now sounded different, more sure, more confident and it was real because he was living his purpose and actually busy doing it.


Suddenly Tony wasn\’t as available as before and things started to shift. Maria picked up on this and started to get curious as to what Tony was doing. Once she realized he was progressing she could see the Husband she married, a man with drive and purpose


Because Tony was working on himself so much, his career was changing, his physique was changing and the main thing that he changed that changed everything was…


1 – He stopped speaking from negative emotional states

2 – He started speaking from empowered emotional states


His Wife now saw an Alpha, on course, on purpose instead of a needy emotionally unbalanced individual


The truth is, she didn\’t want the divorce, she just wanted her Husband back but only Tony could make that change.


To stick with these sorts of changes you need to be held accountable which I did every day with Tony to ensure his transformation. How I Helped My Client Tony Save His Marriage From Divorce.


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