5 Giant Leaps To Saving Your Marriage with Coach Brad

5 Giant Leaps To Saving Your Marriage with Coach Brad

Oftentimes I get asked a question I’m really hesitant to answer, the reason being is because I stand by the 12 steps I know that work which we go through in The 12 Week Program.5 Giant Leaps To Saving Your Marriage with Coach Brad



The question often goes very much like this…


“What can I do quickly to get my Wife back and save my marriage?


”The truth is, not a lot that I can guarantee will give you the results you desire.


The facts and the stats remain the same after working with 100’s of Men from all around the world it takes time and a specific PROVEN process


BUT, yes, big but…


If I were to dial in on 5 things you can do reasonably quickly to at least dramatically increase your chances (if not guarantee) of getting your wife back and saving your family then I’d tell you the following things



Before I reveal them though, there’s something I want to make very clear



Right now if you’re a man reading this there’s every chance you’re facing a divorce:


Some of the Men I speak to feel as if their whole world has fallen apart


They’ve lost their homes


They’ve been separate from their family


They feel like they’ve lost their sense of who they are


They feel like they’ve lost purpose


They’ve been financially cripple


Some even question the point of going in with life!


If you’re struggling right now I want to let you know this is not a forever thing


It’s okay to be hurt and it’s okay to cry, in fact it’s important to feel these emotions.


If you’re feeling desperate and alone click the contact me link here for support


So back to the 5 things you can do now to increase your chances of saving your marriage



1 – Less Talk – More Action:



When those words first leave your partners mouth it’s a hard bitter pill to swallow. Disbelief, hurt, fear, anger, sadness and many other emotions start hitting you at once and it can be a very difficult time


It’s hard to keep our feelings and emotions under control but that\’s exactly what we must do.


For sure, cry, scream, shout but do that away from your partner because it’s just not something they’ll be able to reciprocate properly or at all


You may feel a deep yearning to communicate how you feel to your partner but this is the time for less communication, you and your ex-partner need time alone even though everything inside is telling you differently.


It’s always important to allow your emotions to run through you, feel them and acknowledge them and deal with them with self-love.



Self-love and self-care and creating new positive habits is a critical part of you showing you that you are important and whether you’re able to save your marriage or not you matter!


It’s a part of healing and it’s a part of building back your strength and becoming the man that your Wife once felt she’d never leave.


First and foremost do the action part for yourself


Find a new hobby, eat healthily, get massages, join a gym, make some new friends and start building your life as if you still have one whatever happens


Your wife will notice this and it will ignite the flame of curiosity as to how you’re doing so well and why you’re coping so much better than she thought



2 Listening:



Whether we like to admit it or not towards the start of the break up we may of been close off and not taken our partners threats for divorce seriously.


We may not have listened to the little digs or the requests for change in us and brushed them off


Now it’s time to recall what she was saying, analyze and discard what wasn\’t true in your mission for new self-respect BUT, you MUST take on board what you know to be true about yourself however much it hurts to admit it when looking in the mirror


The art of listening is about being open even when our ego gets hurt so we can learn and evolve, stay open with your ears, mind and soul and listen to your now ex-partner, if she was right to listen and make those changes but don’t sacrifice what you truly believe in your heart of hearts whatever anyone says.



3 Did you hurt her?



If you hurt her it’s time to make it very clear you understand what you did wrong if you did. You need to start changing the habits and actions that hurt her.

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Again don’t say – do it.



4 – Makeover and positive change



I speak to many men and it always fascinates me when I’ve spoken to one of them who’s gained 30 lbs, stopped shaving and taking care of themselves and still wonders why she left


As a Man, I respect myself first and how I present myself says a lot about my personal self-esteem, self-image and self-respect.


Start getting a clean shave, get a wardrobe makeover and start taking better care of yourself, she’ll notice and when she asks “why?” you tell her, I should have listened to you and now I am (if that’s the case)



5 – Situation actualization



There’s nothing I can’t stand more than advice that assumes we did something wrong, women act out just as much as men, sometimes more.


This step might shock my readers but I want you to look deeply into who was wrong and if it was your ex I encourage you to do something most won’t tell you to do.


Get on with your life, take care of your feelings, progress in your career, eat a good diet for you and get out there and start socializing again.


No, not dating, it’s to early for that and if there were any way to save your marriage dating someone else is surely not one of the pieces of the winning formula.5 Giant Leaps To Saving Your Marriage with Coach Brad


Dating too early gets in the way of healing!


Work on yourself and let yourself know that you’ll never be treat like that again.


Build strength and confidence and stay on your life purpose and if she’s sorry, make sure she’s change and let her back if she has when she comes running back to the upgraded you


Fact is anyone of these pointers may help but to have a high success rate you need to follow and in-depth proven process, whether that be mine or someone else\’s


Here’s what I’ll let you know, my 12 Week Program has over a 90% success rate if you follow it.


If you feel it’s something for you and you want to make a full effort to try to ensure you get your family back then click here and learn more about The 12 Week Program