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Bradley Prouting

29 years old

New Zealand



I have become really passionate about small business, Getting Coach Brad started has been a journey in itself that has seen many learning curves, growth, failure and much more.

Huge Manchester City Fan, hoping to travel more in the next 12 months to Canada and the USA.


I wear many hats within Coach Brad, but as it stands I am mainly working on Business Development and ensuring our team delivers awesome products and results for our clients.

Jamal Baig

39 years old


Head Consultant


I have lived in Mexico for over a year now, traveling is a big part of my life and I really enjoy seeing new places.


I work mostly with our 12 week program clients and other various tasks within Coach Brad. I love hearing success stories from my clients and look forward to helping more men in the future.

what I really like about Coach Brad is that they offer a 5 Year Marriage Insurance that comes with every 12 week program so we are always available, I love hearing from our clients.

Rheyal Abalos

24 years old


Head Assistant


Helping the community has been something I enjoy. My main passion is being able to help men who really need this.


My role within the company is to help with the daily blogs, client onboarding and more

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Speak with a Coach Brad Professional Today

Book your 45-minute Free Consultation here – We look forward to working with you.

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