Preparing Yourself To Work With Coach Brad

Preparing Yourself To Work With Coach Brad

Preparing yourself to work with Coach Brad will help you and me get the most out of our time together. I’ve created this ideal client vetting process to make sure. I understand exactly what you want to achieve so that we can provide the best advice. Experience for you during our sessions and beyond. Here are the questions I use to learn more about my clients. Before we even meet in person, also discuss on Preparing Yourself To Work With Coach Brad.


Our vetting process

So who is our ideal client? Anybody that has a desire to change and be different. Our focus is not on going into a given industry and helping it get better.


But rather on how you as an individual can take your life from good to great. The truth is every industry will have problems.


We want to help solve these problems for people by going into their lives and helping them solve their own personal issues.


It is only once you have dealt with your own issues can you ever. Hope to positively affect another human being.


So, if that sounds like something you’re interest in working on please shoot us. An email and we can set up some time to talk about whether or not it would be a good fit for us both.


We work with those who are serious

The ideal client for Coach Brad is someone who’s tired of wasting time and money on coaches and programs that don’t work, and who wants to level up their lives or create more freedom in their life.


\We do a detailed vetting process to make sure that we\’re really making a difference with our clients and our coaches.


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Seeing our clients will to invest in themselves following their divorce

With our ultimate goal being to help guide you and your children through your divorce. We ask you to be prepare to invest in yourself. We have a vetting process that our clients must take before they are match with a coach.


No one will judge you if you are not ready yet. But if you don’t work on yourself first, how can we help you?


Let me share my own experience when it comes to divorces. When I was going through my breakup many years ago. I never realized how good of shape. I had to be in as an individual before moving forward towards my goal of rebuilding.


As many of us know, losing someone that we loved dearly is difficult in itself.


This is a tough process that requires tough people

If you want to work with me and are not sure if you are coachable, let’s find out. I\’m kind of hard on myself. When it comes to my coaching practice, I like to be very selective about who I work with. Before we even get starts, I\’ll make sure that working with me is a good fit for your personality and goals.


This isn\’t just a question of whether or not you can afford my services (although money is important). Instead, we need to make sure that our personalities mesh so that we can build a trusting relationship together—and ultimately achieve results!


You\’re going to need to dig deep into your psyche for answers during our pre-coaching interview, but don\’t worry – it\’s going to be fun! You see…I hate when people sugarcoat things because there\’s nothing more painful than being told what you already know (especially when you\’ve already accepted it as true!)