When Marriage Becomes Weak: A Man’s Perspective

husband and wife on their wedding day. Interracial couple
Husband and Wife on their wedding day.

When a marriage begins to weaken, it can be a difficult time for both partners.

As a man, it may feel like the weight of responsibility is solely on your shoulders. You may be struggling with emotions ranging from guilt to fear of divorce. In this blog post, we will explore what it means when a marriage becomes weak from a man’s perspective and discuss possible solutions for saving the relationship.

How I felt when my wife left me

When my wife left me, I was heartbroken. The breakup was a shock to me, as I had thought our marriage was strong and we had a good relationship. I felt like I had failed, and my self-esteem took a hit. I felt betrayed and like my trust had been broken. I was overwhelmed by the emotions of sadness, anger, and confusion that I was experiencing.
I felt like my life was falling apart and there was nothing I could do to fix it. I felt powerless in the situation, and I blamed myself for the divorce. I also felt embarrassed and ashamed for not being able to make the marriage work.
Although it was a painful time, it was also an eye-opening experience that taught me a lot about myself and the importance of marriage.

How I realized I needed to change

When my wife left me, it felt like the end of the world. I had never gone through a breakup or divorce before, and I was completely overwhelmed by the situation. It took me some time to realize that the breakdown of our marriage wasn’t entirely her fault.

I needed to look inward and consider my role in the breakdown of our relationship. We both had our faults and if I wanted to save our marriage, I needed to take responsibility for mine and make changes. This was a difficult realization to accept, but it was also an important step in rebuilding our bond.

I started by reading books about communication and relationships. I learned more about why we struggled in our marriage and what I could do to improve things. I made an effort to be more understanding of my wife’s needs and be better at expressing my own. I tried to make time for us to talk about things without getting angry. Little by little, I started to become more aware of my part in our marriage and how I could work on becoming a better partner.

What I did to become stronger

When my wife left me and our marriage appeared to be in trouble, I had to take a step back and evaluate what I could do to make myself stronger. I knew that if our relationship was going to survive the breakup, I had to become a better partner and person.

One of the first steps I took was to seek professional help. Talking with a counselor allowed me to confront the deeper issues underlying the divorce and better understand my own thoughts and emotions. This proved to be invaluable for helping me identify my weaknesses and figure out how to address them.

I also worked on developing healthier relationships outside of my marriage. This meant being open and honest with my friends and family and relying on them for support during this difficult time. These relationships were instrumental in giving me the confidence and courage to work on my marriage, instead of giving up on it after the divorce.
Finally, I worked hard to become a better listener. This helped me to understand my wife’s perspective better and communicate with her more effectively. It also enabled us to talk through our issues openly, rather than having arguments that went nowhere.

Overall, taking responsibility for my own actions and working hard to become stronger was instrumental in salvaging our marriage and making it stronger than ever before. Although it was a difficult process, it was worth it in the end.


If you find yourself in a similar situation, remember that there is hope and that you can be stronger. I had to make changes and break out of my comfort zone in order to become stronger in my marriage. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. It is also important to know when it’s time to move on from a relationship. If your marriage has become weak and you feel like the breakup or divorce might be the best option, please reach out to a coach who specializes in relationships and dating such as Coach Brad for advice and guidance.