Real Reason Your Wife Lost Interest In Your Marriage

The Real Reason Your Wife Lost Interest In Your Marriage and You

What’s worse than when your wife loses interest in you sexually? When she stops wanting to be around you at all, and it’s not something that you can do anything about. It’s usually something that happens to men in their 40s and 50s.
Suddenly find themselves with wives that simply don’t want to be marriage. Anymore, or who don’t want to spend time with them anymore, or both. Real Reason Your Wife Lost Interest In Your Marriage


Are women born to cheat?

I was talking to a friend who has a wife and a son. Another friend who is marriage with three kids. Both have had affairs outside their marriages. Now, as you can see, they are not exceptions to society.


Many women engage in extramarital relationships or, at least, flirtations. So why do some women seem more likely than others to lose interest in marriage? Is it really just about hurt feelings? After all, it is possible that some men do more to drive their wives away.


Or does something about being female make it harder for some women to stay committed? Can men find comfort by knowing that men aren’t always able to keep their wives satisfied either?


What makes women lose attraction?

Some marriage tips come as a shock to men. We think that our wives will always find us attractive and desirable. But some women get try of having sex with their husbands, of giving them pleasure, and just lose interest.


Perhaps they’re looking for variety or something more exciting. Maybe it’s just a phase that your wife will get over on her own. In any case, you don’t want to rush into things but you do need to figure out.


How to handle it when your wife loses interest in your marriage. There are various ways to deal with it depending on what might be causing her apathy toward you sexually. The first thing is not to panic. She may or may not have lost interest forever but at least right now!


How do you handle the loss of attraction from your wife?

In most cases, men have to approach women because they are attracted to them. But it’s not always that way. If your wife is no longer attracted to you.



Here are some ways you can react without upsetting her or falling into a spiral of despair and loss of interest in yourself.


The first thing you need to do is make sure that she isn’t going through any medical issues. Talk with her doctor if she has any concerns about hormones or other health issues.


The next step would be to talk with your partner about what caused her loss of attraction for you and see if there are any things you can do together as a couple to turn things around so she feels more attracted again.


One important thing is to avoid blaming each other for past mistakes—this will only create resentment which will lead to further problems down the road. Instead, work together as a team and try new things together as a couple until you find something that makes both of you feel happy again.


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The relationship ends when sex ends

Sex isn’t just a physical release. It’s also an emotional, mental and psychological release; it’s how we connect with each other on a deep level. When you stop having sex, you lose that connection.


Even if your wife wants to spend time with you and even if she still loves you, her love is no longer operating at full capacity because she feels disconnected from you as a person. Eventually, she loses interest completely – even if she doesn’t know it yet or won’t admit it to herself or anyone else.