What Makes Us Better Than Our Competitors

What Makes Us Better Than Our Competitors

You’ve heard of us, and you’ve probably heard of our competitors. That makes sense—after all, we are all in the same business and our customers often find themselves comparing us with the other companies out there.


But if you really think about it, you’ll see that we stand apart from our competitors in many ways—ways that make us better than everyone else! Take a look at some of these main differences between us and them below and you’ll see what we mean!


We Don\’t Sugar Coat Things


We’re a little different from your everyday firm, but we think that’s a good thing. We are committed to open and honest communication.


Take time to get to know our clients on a personal level, and don’t play games when it comes to providing you with sound legal advice.


It is our mission to be true advocates for every single client we represent.


While there may be more efficient ways of conducting business. There is no other way we would want it done than by ensuring that you feel supported through every step of your divorce.


People Love Us

Oftentimes when there is a divorce between a company and its customers. It’s because there was some kind of mistake made, or maybe it started small and got out of hand.


However, what you’ll find with Coach Brad is that their people—their employees—truly love them.


People are proud to work at Coach Brad and they really do strive to provide their customers with value above all else; in fact, their logo even states:


It’s better to buy a great company at a fair price than a fair company at a great price. This special connection makes us think they’re going to stick around for quite some time.


Our Podcast

Speaking of our podcast, we tend to leave out the juiciest stuff on our episode descriptions. Like what issues are affecting a couple, or what they do to address them.


We’ve decided to start including that information in posts on our website. So you can have a better idea of what you’re getting into when you hit play.


And, more often than not, we find that listeners are glad for more background info. It gives them context for their conversations with friends about issues like divorce and infidelity—stuff people might be hesitant to talk about otherwise.


So don’t worry; your episodes will still be just as juicy as ever when you download them.


Our Blog

The best way to differentiate between our brand and our competitors is by talking about what makes us better. On our LinkedIn profile, we summarize that difference by saying:


Our values are driven by exceeding expectations, treating customers with respect and investing in a sustainable future.


That\’s not just empty talk or corporate-speak; those values drive every decision we make at Coach Brad. Coach Brad\’s Blog kicks ass and we know that!


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Modern Approach – never seen before

When people divorce, they’re generally upset or heartbroken about their relationship ending.


They spend countless hours, days and weeks trying to figure out what went wrong. We try not to let it happen in our practice.


As professionals, we all agree that nothing is more important than our clients’ relationships and peace of mind.


We work hard to make sure that you don’t have to suffer when getting a divorce. Instead you can enjoy your new freedom with a better life.


Ahead of you without all of those stressful feelings from before! With experienced attorneys like us on your side, there’s no need for a divorce disaster scenario – it just won’t happen!



And even if something does go wrong…well then we’ll handle that too! How?


Our Intense 12 Week Program

The main difference between us and other consultants is our 12-week training program. The reason why we have a 12-week program instead of a 3 or 6-week program is that it takes that long for big wheels to turn – we don\’t sell gimmicky $100 products.


If you think you are going to pay $100 for your wife to come back or to get through the second most traumatic experience of your life then you need to double-check yourself because it\’s a serious occasion.