Moving on After Feeling Like a Divorce Failure

Divorce is a difficult experience for anyone to go through. It can make you feel like a failure, regardless of who initiated the divorce. No matter what the circumstances of your divorce are, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to feel this way and it’s possible to move on with your life. In this blog post, we’ll look at how to handle the emotions associated with a divorce, when it’s time to start dating again after a breakup, and how to create a healthy relationship if you decide to get married again.

The Pain of Feeling Like a Divorce Failure

Going through a divorce can be one of the most painful experiences anyone can go through. The emotional and psychological effects can linger long after the legal proceedings have been completed. One of the most common emotions that divorcees feel is a sense of failure. They feel like they have failed themselves, their partner, their children, and even their community.

Feeling like a divorce failure is an emotion that is all too familiar to many people. You may have been married for years, invested your heart and soul into the relationship, and worked hard to keep it together. But when things didn’t work out, you felt like you failed, despite all your efforts.

It’s important to acknowledge that these emotions are valid and completely normal. Going through a divorce is a difficult and life-altering event that requires a significant amount of adjustment. Feeling like a divorce failure can manifest in various ways, including sadness, depression, guilt, and shame. It’s crucial to address these feelings to help you move forward with a positive outlook.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that you are not defined by your relationship status. A breakup, marriage, or divorce does not make you a failure as a person. It’s essential to separate your worth as an individual from the outcome of your relationship. Take the time to heal, grow, and learn from the experience. You are capable of moving on and thriving beyond your past relationship.

Common Causes of Feeling Like a Divorce Failure

The end of any relationship, whether it’s a breakup or divorce, can be difficult to come to terms with. It’s easy to blame yourself and feel like you failed in some way. This is especially true when it comes to divorce, where the commitment was meant to last a lifetime. There are several common causes of feeling like a divorce failure that can help you identify the root of your emotions.

One of the most common causes is simply not wanting a divorce. If you were the one who wanted to stay in the marriage and your spouse initiated the divorce, it’s normal to feel like you failed in keeping the relationship intact. You may also feel like a failure if you weren’t able to work through the issues in your marriage. Whether it was infidelity, financial problems, or just growing apart, it’s easy to blame yourself for not being able to save the relationship.

Another cause is the societal stigma attached to divorce. You may feel like you failed at the institution of marriage or let down your family and friends. It’s important to remember that divorce is not a personal failure, and it takes strength to make the difficult decision to end a marriage.

Regardless of the cause, acknowledging and accepting these emotions is the first step towards moving on and healing from the pain of divorce.

Acknowledging and Accepting the Emotions

It’s completely normal to feel like a failure after a breakup, whether it was a divorce, the end of a marriage, a long-term relationship, or even just a dating situation. You might feel ashamed, embarrassed, or like you didn’t do enough to make it work. However, it’s important to acknowledge and accept these emotions rather than pushing them aside or pretending they don’t exist. Only by facing them head-on can you begin to heal and move forward. Allow yourself to feel the pain and sadness, but also recognize that these emotions don’t define you. You are not a failure, and it’s okay to struggle with this process.


In conclusion, it’s common to feel like a divorce failure. It’s important to acknowledge and accept these emotions. Don’t beat yourself up and instead, focus on moving forward. Remember that everyone’s journey is different and that you can grow and learn from this experience. If you’re struggling to move on, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach Brad. Whether it’s a breakup, relationship, marriage, dating, or divorce, seeking support can help you heal and find the strength to create a better future.