The Moment you Move into Your 2 bedroom Apartment

The Moment you Move into Your 2 bedroom Apartment

Leaving the marriage might seem like an easy decision to make but there are consequences afterwards. It can be emotional to go from two people under one roof to just yourself in a two-bedroom apartment. Especially for those who have kids or dependents of some kind, you\’ll find yourself feeling regretful about how things turned out. And while ending your marriage may appear like the only answer at first glance, thinking carefully before making such a big change could save you from experiencing regrets down the line.



I wish I could’ve handled it differently


Most people who leave a marriage regret the way they handled it. They may wish they’d been more honest with their spouse about their feelings, or less impulsive in their decision to leave. They may even regret the way they communicated their decision, or how they handled the aftermath. If you’re facing regrets after leaving your marriage, know that you’re not alone. Here are 10 common regrets people have The Moment you Move into Your 2 bedroom Apartment.



I should have given more time to my partner


One of the most common regrets people have after leaving a marriage is that they didn\’t give their partner enough time. They may have been too wrapped up in work or other obligations to truly invest in the relationship. If you\’re considering leaving your marriage, ask yourself if you\’ve been giving your partner the attention they deserve. It\’s easy to become distracted by daily life, but spending more time with your partner can go a long way toward strengthening your relationship. If you\’re not giving them enough attention and affection, start making an effort to do so.



It hurt our kids


It can be really tough on kids when their parents divorce. They may feel like they somehow caused the divorce, or that they have to choose sides. Kids may also blame themselves for the divorce, thinking that if they had been better behaved, or gotten better grades, their parents would have stayed together. As a result, children of divorce can often struggle in school and have trouble forming relationships later in life. The Moment you Move into Your 2 bedroom Apartment!



I blamed myself for too long


For years after my divorce, I blamed myself for what went wrong. I thought that if only I had been a better wife, things would have worked out. It took me a long time to realize that it takes two people to make a marriage work (or not work). My ex-husband also played a role in our failed marriage. He was unwilling to get help for his alcoholism and drug addiction. He did not take care of himself or the family finances well, which made us feel like we were never safe or secure financially.

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My spouse didn’t want to try counselling


It’s not uncommon for people to regret leaving a marriage after they’ve already made the decision. Oftentimes, people realize that their spouse was willing to try counseling or make other changes, but they didn’t give them the chance. If you’re considering leaving your marriage, be sure to explore all options first. The Moment you Move into Your 2 bedroom Apartment! Once you\’ve reached the point of no return, it may be too late to undo what\’s been done. You may find yourself looking back and realizing how unhappy you were in the relationship. You might also wish that you could have given your partner more time to change and grow before walking away from them for good.