Our Podcast Exploded

Our Podcast Exploded & here’s why!

In the last year, our podcasts have become one of the most popular products we offer through our divorce coaching program. With our podcasts, we’ve successfully helped couples adjust to their new lives as single people again, and we’ve discovered some surprising reasons why they’re so successful. Our Podcast Exploded! From making them memorable to providing high-quality content in an entertaining format, here are some of the things that made our podcasts so popular with listeners.



Very relevant topic


A lot of people are going through or have gone through a divorce, so our podcasts were very relevant to a lot of people. People appreciated that we were open and honest about our own experiences with divorce, and they found our tips and advice to be helpful. We also had some great guests on our show who were experts on the topic of divorce, and people found their insights to be valuable. Overall, our divorce coaching podcasts were popular because they were relatable, helpful, and informative.



The podcasts were free


We didn\’t charge for our podcasts because we wanted to help as many people as possible. And it seems like our listeners appreciated that because the response was overwhelming. In just a few weeks, our podcasts became one of the most popular divorce coaching resources available. Our listeners commented on how they loved listening to the podcast in their cars or while they were doing chores around the house. They felt more energized and encouraged after each episode.
We also heard from listeners who would listen to the same episodes over and over again because they found them so helpful.



We kept them short


At just under fifteen minutes each, our divorce coaching podcasts were the perfect length for busy people who needed some guidance but didn\’t have a lot of time to spare. Plus, they were packed with actionable tips and advice that listeners could put to use right away. For example, in one episode we teach you how to find a good lawyer. In another episode we show you how to negotiate alimony agreements on your own so you don\’t need to hire an expensive attorney.



We provided immediate value


A big part of why our divorce coaching podcasts were so popular is because we made sure they were error-free. We had a team of people who proofed them and caught any mistakes before they went live. This attention to detail meant that our listeners could trust us and know that we were experts on the topic. It also made it easier for people to find what they needed when they listened to one of our episodes.

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We used nice templates


We worked hard on our divorce coaching podcasts and it showed. We used nice templates and made sure the audio quality was good. Plus, we kept the episodes short and to the point. And we think that\’s why people liked our podcasts so much. They didn\’t have to listen for too long before they got what they needed. If you\’re struggling with a tough situation like a divorce, reach out to us today! We want to help you find your way through these difficult times.