Andrew Tate Might Be just Right

Andrew Tate is 100% Right – Here’s Why

Andrew Tate was recently suspended from the UFC because of his past misogynistic statements and beliefs. Andrew Tate Might Be just Right! I think he might be right about some of the things he said, but I don’t know if I would call him a misogynist or not. There are plenty of reasons why people have called him this, but here are the reasons that I don’t think he deserves this label.



Women are particularly sensitive to harassment


Women are more likely to be harass than men, and they\’re also more likely to find it particularly upsetting. That\’s because women are socialize to be polite and accommodating, which makes it easy for men to take advantage of them. Additionally, women are often raise to believe that they\’re not as capable as men, which can make it difficult for them to stand up for themselves. And finally, society still tends to view women as property rather than human beings, which contributes to a culture of misogyny. I don\’t think this is just limited to comments on the internet- there have been several recent incidents where high profile public figures have made statements about rape and the place of women in society, all with serious consequences.



If you want positive change, don’t complain – do something


Tate’s perspective is that if you want to see positive change, don’t just sit around and complain – do something about it. He believes that people who make misogynistic statements are often just trying to get a rise out of people and start arguments. While their statements may be hurtful, he doesn’t think they actually believe them. He argues that the best way to handle these situations is to ignore the trolls and instead focus on having productive conversations with those who are willing to listen.



Make this real


It\’s no secret that women have been fighting for equality for centuries. In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of people speaking out against misogyny and sexist language. While some people believe that this is an overreaction, others, like Andrew Tate, believe that it\’s time for a change. Here\’s why he might be right -Women make up half of the population, but only occupy 20% of positions in government worldwide. Women are often sexually assault by men who are confident that they won\’t face any consequences because boys will be boys.



By engaging in these behaviours, we send the wrong message


When we make misogynistic statements, we are effectively telling women that they are inferior to men. This is wrong on so many levels. Not only does it reinforce the negative stereotype that women are weaker and less capable than men, but it also belittles and demeans women as a whole. It\’s time to stop making these kinds of statements and start treating women with the respect they deserve. Women have made many strides in society in recent years, and it\’s high time for us to start supporting them instead of putting them down. Women can do anything they put their minds to – including speaking up against these offensive comments.

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All it takes is one person to start a revolution


If you\’re not familiar with who Andrew Tate is, he\’s a kickboxer who made headlines recently for some misogynistic statements he made. He\’s since lost sponsorships and been ban from competing, but he\’s still got a lot of supporters. There are many people out there who agree with him and say that his words were take out of context or that they don\’t matter because he apologized. I think the worst part about this whole thing is how many people have said to me Andrew Tate has never touched me. These statements always leave me speechless.