Date After a Breakup or Divorce

How to Date After a Breakup or Divorce in 2023

For those looking to date after a breakup or divorce, it can seem like you’re up against an impossible uphill battle. If your last relationship didn’t end on the best of terms, you might feel warier about dating again than ever before.
Thankfully, with these tips on how to date after a breakup or divorce, you can approach dating as smartly as possible and get yourself back into the game while keeping your heart in good shape along the way.


What you should know about dating

When you’re just getting back into things with dating. It can be easy to get caught up in how much fun it is. How great you look, but don’t forget that people aren’t out there looking for hookups.


People are just trying to meet other single people and maybe find someone who makes them happy. Be honest with yourself when talking about your breakup. If they found out later on, would they think of you differently?


Why dating after a breakup or divorce sucks

When we’re going through a breakup, it’s normal to wonder whether it’s going to be possible for us to ever fall in love again. Sometimes, though, it happens:


You get over your ex and are ready for someone new. But when you start dating again—even if you find someone interesting—it doesn’t always work out as well as you hope.


Apps like Tinder can help with healing

Online dating is certainly nothing new, but it’s only recently that we’ve seen apps. Like Tinder specifically designed for those looking to date, hook up and (eventually) fall in love again.


For example, one study showed that 1 in 3 newly divorced individuals had used online dating services within 6 months of their divorce. So what’s so good about Tinder? There are lots of reasons why it might be helpful for you as you navigate your post-divorce world.


Get out there and meet new people!

Sometimes, it’s hard to get back out there after a breakup. After all, who wants to get their heart broken again? It can be scary and lonely if you aren’t sure how or where to start looking for new people.


But that’s why online dating apps like Tinder are so popular. They’re easy and they bring your next match right to you. Read on for more ways on how you can go out and meet new people without any lingering feelings of discomfort.


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Be proactive and make it happen!

When you’re going through a breakup, it’s often hard to think about getting back out there. And when you finally do, you might find yourself procrastinating about making your first move. If you’re ready to date again, don’t wait for someone else to make it happen!



Trust yourself. There’s no easy way around it—you have to trust yourself. Your ability to bounce back from a bad relationship. Even when you’re not feeling it right now.


After all, if you didn’t believe in your ability to pick healthy partners in general. How could you ever imagine that you can do so again? Trusting yourself means doing what makes YOU feel good, and more importantly what is healthy for YOU.