How we saved John\s $500000 Family Home

How we saved John’s $500k Family Home

John was caught by surprise when his wife, Sarah, decide to leave him after being married for 8 years with three kids, one of them disabled. He had no idea she was thinking about leaving him until the day she told him she had already booked an appointment with a divorce lawyer and packed her belongings in boxes in the attic. John loved his wife and their $500,000 worth of the family home, but he never expected her to leave him over it. How we saved Johns $500000 Family Home



The Problem


John and his wife were going through a tough divorce. She claimed for the $500,000 family house, and he was trying to keep it. The problem was that they had a lot of equity in the house and he didn\’t want to give her half of it. He came to us for help. We found an alternative solution to protect him from giving up his rights over the house. We proposed that he should work on saving his marriage by any means necessary and we came up with a Solid plan to make the water flow his way.



The Background Information


John and his wife had been marriage for 8 years when she came to him and said she want a divorce. She was unhappy with him and wanted to move on with her life. John was devastate. He loved his wife and didn\’t want to lose her. They had three kids together and he didn\’t want to be a single father. John knew they needed some time apart so he agreed to the divorce but vowed not to sell the family home. The house is worth over $500,000 and he didn\’t want to give up half of it as part of the settlement agreement.

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How we saved the marriage


Getting caught out by his wife for having an affair and almost losing everything is what force John to contact Coach Brand. In just three months, Coach Brad save his home from his wife claim to get divorce. From saving financial and legal matters of a relationship break up with their assistance…
The first and most important decision that he had to make was that he had save the marriage either if he had the intentions or not so that he could save his home. If he has hope that there’s something worth fighting for and his partner is willing to work on it with him, then by all means, work on it.



What worked


After much soul searching and hours of conversation, we came up with a best way to keep his house was which was to try to work things out with his wife. They had a lot of equity in the home, and he didn\’t want to lose half of it in a divorce. He felt that if they could work on their marriage for a few years, they would have something worth fighting for again. The one thing he did not want to do was fight over assets in court and then pay lawyers\’ fees on top of all that. Things worked out pretty well when John followed our Program and got her wife\’s emotional attachment back.



What didn’t work


When it comes to saving John\’s family home during a divorce, many things simply could not work. Begging, borrowing or even stealing money from his spouse were not going to work. John also could not just sit back and hope that the judge would rule in his favor – this is highly unlikely. So what did John do? He got an experienced divorce coach. John knew his marriage was over but he wanted to save his family house so he could remain in it with his wife and kids. He felt that if he lost the house, all his hard work would go with it.