Your Ex is Sleeping With Your Best Friend

Your Ex is Sleeping With Your Best Friend, here’s what you should do

Your ex is sleeping with your best friend, and you’re wondering what you should do about it. If you don’t want to blow up their spot, then one option you have is to pretend like you don’t know what’s going on, but it’s not always easy to hold that poker face in the heat of the moment, especially if it turns into an argument. Instead, try these tips from relationship experts when your ex is sleeping with your best friend.


From this point on – both of them are dead to you

You will never see them both again. You will never talk to either of them ever again. That is a promise to yourself that need to be keep because nothing good can come from any relationship with either of these people again, especially if they are sleeping together.


Yes, your ex-best friend may feel bad that they had sex and now your ex hates them – but it just doesn’t matter anymore.


Best Friends don’t do that

If your best friend slept with your girlfriend, he or she would have betrayed you in a serious way. This can be a tough pill to swallow and even tougher to move past. But if you really want to get over it and stay friends with your former BFF, there are a few things that will help.


The first thing is to be forgiving and realize there was probably something more going on with your best friend than just an immediate desire for sex.


Many people may find it hard to believe, but most people don\’t sleep with their best friend’s girlfriends. Nothing is fair in love & war – remember that.


Leave whatever mess is there

You’re both adults and he/she had sex with your best friend. It may sting, but it’s his/her problem not yours to fix.


So walk away from that argument and tell him/her to talk to your best friend about it. If they can’t then they need to leave you both alone.


When two people have sex with each other it isn’t just a physical act; there are emotional strings attach too.


If you try to get involve in something like that, whether through guilt or pity for one of them. You will be hurting yourself as well as them.


It\’s not your role to solve this

This is not your role to solve, but yours to get your shit and walk away. Let them sort it out. Once they get try of him/her, your ex will get over it. Possibly go back to you if she feels bad about what she did.


If your best friend sees it for what it is – that she was being use. Then there’s a chance for a positive resolution in that relationship as well! It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama and make mountains out of molehills.


However, you have no control over your ex or your best friend’s actions. Getting involved only drags things on longer than necessary, which only makes things worse for everyone involved.


Be strong; stick to your guns and let other people deal with their own issues.


It’s normal to be angry

If your best friend is sleeping with your ex, it’s natural to feel angry and betrayed. Some people might even encourage you to act out of anger—but that’s never a good idea. Whenever you get angry, think about how to channel that emotion positively. Use it as fuel for positive change.


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For example, take some time off from your friendship or cut off contact entirely until you can cool down.


You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel. When you’re not in constant contact with someone who has hurt you.