5 Phases of a Breakup

5 Phases of a Breakup – What to Expect

When you break up with someone, the experience can bring about all sorts of emotions. While the pain of your breakup will eventually subside, it’s important to know what to expect during each phase of the healing process, so you know how to get through it as quickly and as peacefully as possible. Here are the 5 Phases of a Breakup that you need to know about, starting right now…


1) Denial

Denial is an avoidance behavior that’s used to protect ourselves from pain. And, like many things, it can be healthy or unhealthy depending on how much you use it.


If you’re in denial about your ex and refuse to believe they no longer want to be with you, it could lead you down a negative path that includes lots of self-doubt and regret.


It might also prevent you from moving on emotionally and starting new relationships.


2) Anger


Whether you initiated it or not, breakups are one of life’s most painful experiences. Whether you took it well or not, anger is probably also part of your post-breakup phase.


Feelings of anger can manifest themselves in many ways such as yelling, acting aggressive towards those around you.


Drinking more than usual and even hanging out with others who were previously on your blacklist. This stage can be quite depressing but like all phases will eventually pass and things will look up again soon enough.


3) Begging

Breaking up is hard. After you get over denial and anger, you might have moments when you beg your ex for a second chance. This usually happens when we\’re dealing with feelings of depression.


You\’ll just want everything to go back to normal so badly that you\’ll do anything it takes. That doesn\’t mean begging will work—it probably won\’t. But at least you know there\’s hope… right?


4) Depression

After your breakup, you may feel very depressed. You may even think about committing suicide. However, it’s important that you don’t give up hope, and instead lean on friends and family who will be there for you when things are at their lowest.


Seek out support groups or join social media networks like Facebook where others can offer advice or share tips they have discovered to help ease your heartache.


5) Acceptance

Acceptance will be your eventual arrival point, but it is not where you’ll start.


You’ll have moments of acceptance along your journey, like when you see your ex with their new person, but for now you are probably still quite annoyed and sad about what has happened.


Acceptance is something that takes time (I hope!), so don’t rush it and don’t let someone else tell you when it has arrived for you.


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The Post-Breakup Blues: While you may be feeling relief that you’re no longer in a stressful relationship, it’s important not to ignore your feelings. When you break up with someone, or when someone breaks up with you, it can feel like part of your identity has been lost.


You are likely grieving over both your relationship and what it represented. Just know that you can move forward from here. Maybe just not with that person.