Avoid Divorce with Separate Phone Plans

married couple

Are you worried that your relationship is on the brink of divorce? One of the easiest ways to avoid this situation is to get separate phone plans. Separating your phone plans can help to reduce the amount of stress and arguments in your relationship, so it’s well worth the small cost of $300. In this blog post, we will discuss how separated phone plans can help to prevent divorce and strengthen your relationship.

The current state of divorce in the United States

Divorce is a common phenomenon in the United States. The country has one of the highest divorce rates in the world, with over 800,000 divorces per year. It is estimated that 39 percent of marriages end in divorce, with the average marriage lasting around eight years. Additionally, breakups and dating are a prevalent part of relationships, with people commonly experiencing multiple long-term relationships in their lifetime. The causes of divorce are complex and vary from relationship to relationship, but studies have shown that money and financial stress are major contributing factors. Arguments over money can be a significant source of stress and tension in relationships and marriages, often leading to breakups or divorces. However, there are ways to reduce this stress and minimize the risk of divorce, such as choosing to have separate phone plans.

The correlation between arguing about money and divorce

It’s no secret that money is one of the biggest causes of arguments between couples. In fact, a study by SunTrust Bank found that finances were the leading cause of stress in relationships for 35% of couples. Furthermore, a survey by Ramsey Solutions revealed that money was the second most common reason for divorce, after infidelity.

When couples argue about money, it’s not necessarily about the amount of money they have, but rather their different attitudes and beliefs toward money. One partner may be a spender while the other is a saver, or they may have different priorities when it comes to where their money should go. These conflicting views can create tension and resentment, leading to larger relationship problems.

This is where separate phone plans can come in handy. By separating phone plans, couples can have a clear idea of what they are paying for and avoid any disagreements over the cost of the phone bill. It eliminates any surprises, which can be a significant source of tension. It also allows each partner to have control over their own phone usage and budgeting.
In short, by avoiding arguments over phone bills, couples can alleviate one potential source of financial stress in their relationship. Separated phone plans can promote transparency and communication, leading to a more harmonious partnership. So, if you’re looking for ways to avoid the financial arguments that can lead to divorce, consider separated phone plans as a useful tool to help you on your journey.

How separated phone plans can help avoid divorce

Arguing about finances is a major source of stress in any relationship, and it’s no secret that money is one of the biggest factors leading to divorce. With shared phone plans being a common expense for couples, separating phone plans can help avoid disagreements about money and ultimately prevent a potential breakup.

Having separate phone plans allows both parties to have control over their own phone usage and payments. It eliminates the need for constant monitoring of phone bills and prevents one person from feeling like they are paying more than their fair share. It also allows each individual to choose the plan that best suits their needs, whether that be unlimited data or a pay-as-you-go plan.

In a marriage or relationship, trust is key. By having separate phone plans, it allows for a level of privacy that can be important for some individuals. This can prevent arguments or suspicions about who someone is talking to or what they are doing on their phone.

Ultimately, separating phone plans can lead to a more harmonious and stable relationship. It may seem like a small step, but it can have a significant impact on the financial health of a couple and ultimately prevent the devastating effects of divorce. It’s worth taking the time to explore your options and choose a phone plan that works for you and your partner.


Divorce rates in the United States are unfortunately high, and arguing about money is one of the leading causes of breakups and divorce. By separating your phone plans, you can avoid these arguments and improve your overall relationship with your partner. You will be able to easily track your expenses, and you can have the peace of mind that comes with having a phone plan that is solely yours. Remember, communication is key in any relationship, and separating your phone plans can make communication about finances a lot easier. If you have any further questions about non-shared phone plans, feel free to call us and mention Coach Brad. We are here to help you maintain a healthy dating, marriage, or relationship without having to worry about shared phone plans causing unnecessary tension.