30 Day No Contact Rule

The 30 Day No Contact Rule – What You Should Be Doing

What should you do when your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend wants to get back together with you? If your situation isn’t as clear-cut as this, don’t worry – we’ll help you answer that question as well.
Keep reading to learn more about the 30 day no contact rule, how to use it in real life. How it can help you heal and move on from your past relationship.


After a Breakup

The 30 Day No Contact Rule and How It Works There’s no questioning that a breakup is an emotional process. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, job loss, or divorce.


These types of situations can take a toll on any person. If you’re in need of help with your end-of-relationship grief, there are countless counselors who can work with you to get you through your time grieving.


On the First Day

The very first thing to do is take a few deep breaths. This helps calm down your emotions, which are likely running wild right now. Feeling in control will help you stay on track with your no-contact rule. Take a few minutes to start creating and/or reviewing your no-contact plan.


When you have everything laid out, it’s time to put it into action. Start by removing him from all social media sites and blocking his phone number(s).


Then spend some time removing all traces of him from your home and office spaces. After that, unfriend anyone who liked or commented on one of his posts—including family members if they live far away!


On the Second Day

Step one in getting over your ex is to divorce yourself from your negative emotions. This means no contact with your ex whatsoever. If you’re separate or divorced,


I know it will be hard. But if you can’t cut off all contact, at least make sure it’s limit to a few times a week and not prolonged communication via email or text. To divorce yourself from these negative emotions, get rid of anything that reminds you of your ex.


Donate their clothes (or put them on Ebay for a friend), remove them from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr – do everything possible to erase memories and pictures of them – even take down relationship quotes on Pinterest as reminders!


The more you reduce exposure to these things that keep reminding you of what was lost in hopes that what was once there will come back.


On the Third Day

On day three of no contact, you’ll need to think about what happened. That day, you need to decide if your relationship worth geting upset over or if it was just a phase and never really mattered.


If you’re still feeling down on that third day, it might be time to move on from what happened.


For example, maybe your partner slept with someone else and ruined any chance at trust in your relationship; in that case, walking away might be for the best.


It’s always hard to let go of someone you love but maybe on day three of no contact is when things become clear: it wasn’t going anywhere anyway! Letting go will be easier once you face reality and finally give up.


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After 1 Month

If it’s been a month, you can now contact your ex again. Text them and tell them that you’re feeling much better and that you would love to hang out. If they don’t respond, wait another week and send a quick email. Still nothing? Send another text message. Continue until they respond (or don’t).


Even if they still aren’t interested in getting back together, remember: At least now you know! It’s better than being stuck wondering what could have happened if you gave it more time or tried harder to get their attention.


Remember: They may not want to talk to you right now but they might be ready later on down the road! So be patient and try again later on!