We Use Data From Your Breakup & Divorce To Help You Move On

We Use Data From Your Breakup & Divorce To Help You Move On

Most people agree that divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences in life.
Even after you’ve worked through your emotions, you’re still left with piles of paperwork to sign and then deal with on top of everything else that’s going on in your life at the time.
Here at Coach Brad, We Use Data From Your Breakup & Divorce To Help You Move On, we collect data from your breakup & divorce and use it to help you move on with your life instead of constantly reliving the experience in your head.


Your divorce is data-driven

Let\’s say one of our users has recently broken up with his girlfriend. They\’re pretty upset and they\’ve been thinking about stalking her Facebook profile all day.


If you have noticed a pattern in yourself like that – if you feel like there\’s no way out of your misery – it means it\’s time to try something new or some therapy from professionals.


We create a unique plan based on feedback from actual couples and breakups just like yours! It’s data-driven, meaning we can help you move on faster than ever before.


How we do it

We collect feedback from clients who have recently undergone a breakup or divorce. Through these personalized, 1-on-1 conversations, we ask questions about their relationship and lifestyle habits in order to better understand their needs and ultimately provide personalized service.


The more data we collect, the more specific our services can be. We hope that one day, by using data from thousands of relationships, we will truly be able to help everyone through what is often one of life\’s most difficult times: a breakup or divorce.


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Bad relationships don\’t just suck, they are destructive. Studies have shown that your state of mind plays a critical role in how well you do after a breakup or divorce.


Rejection can make us vulnerable to fear and anxiety, and having our self-esteem shattered by failed relationships can make it difficult to trust in love again. It\’s not surprising that people who\’ve experienced bad breakups often feel stuck in a rut—they have trouble moving on even when they want to.


We\’re here to help with honest advice and feedback based on hard data from your breakup or divorce. Our experts know exactly what you\’re going through because they\’ve been there themselves.


That\’s why we work so hard to provide accurate feedback that helps people move on from their relationship pasts. With our help, you\’ll be able to understand what went wrong in your last relationship and take steps toward building a happier future for yourself.


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Why this works

When we are most down in the dumps, it\’s natural to want support from our peers and friends. Unfortunately, that doesn\’t always happen.


Fortunately, Coach Brad is here to provide you with the compassion and empathy needed in your life after a breakup or divorce.


As soon as you sign up for your 12 Week Program, Brad will begin working one-on-one with you for 30 minutes once per week for a total of 12 weeks.


In these sessions, he\’ll work through specific behavioral therapy techniques based on his research around post-breakup/divorce recovery. With these techniques and best practices at your disposal, it\’s time to move forward toward happiness!


Stats don\’t lie

Whether you\’re just out of a breakup or fresh off a divorce, odds are you\’re still emotionally involved and feel emotionally attached to your ex. It\’s important to understand that this feeling is normal,


but it can slow down your recovery process. Statistics show that one out of every two marriages in America ends in divorce; those who have been through it tend to take longer to get over their breakup.


That\’s why we use data from other breakups and divorces to helping you move on. We know things like when people are most likely to have second thoughts about getting back together,


ways they should deal with text messages from their exes, what kinds of questions they need to be answered before moving on with someone new, and much more.