Being Intimate With Someone Else For The First Time After Your Marriage

Intimacy with Someone Else For The First Time, Post Divorce

When you’re married, it’s easy to be intimate with your partner; after all, you’re with them often and see each other through all the highs and lows of life. However, once you get divorced and begin dating again, sex with someone else can feel strange and unnatural at first, especially if you’ve been in a monogamous relationship for years.


It can be difficult to feel connected to another person when you know nothing about their body or preferences, and there are some things that you can do to help bring back the intimacy into your next relationship without being uncomfortable. Being Intimate With Someone Else For The First Time After Your Marriage.


The first couple of times might feel weird

It\’s natural to feel a little nervous your first time being intimate with someone else after you get married. Don\’t rush it, though. Just relax and make sure to communicate with your partner—telling him or her what feels good and what doesn\’t, for example.


If you\’re feeling nervous about it, try talking about your anxieties in bed or taking it easy with some foreplay before going all out; too much of a good thing can end up backfiring.


Plus, using lube during sex can help alleviate any discomfort that may come from vaginal dryness (which is very common after pregnancy). Once you get into a groove and find out what works for both of you, go for it!


Your sex drive will be low

A lot of people say that sex is different after marriage and in a way, it is. You\’ve been getting intimate with each other for a while now, and you\’re at a point where you almost know your partner\’s body better than they do.


Sex becomes less sensual (and therefore more appealing) as time goes on because it\’s familiar; intimacy comes into play during sex only when one or both of you are trying something new.


That may not be an issue if everything else in your relationship is going great, but there can be trouble in paradise if your sex life isn\’t what it used to be.


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If your head is somewhere else then don\’t do it!

Getting intimate with someone else for the first time after your marriage is a HUGE deal. If you are really in love with your spouse, then making love to them should be enough to make you happy and satisfied with life.


If you find yourself wanting more or less intimacy than what you have then try and figure out what it is that is missing from your current relationship.


Make sure that if you choose to step outside of your marriage that it\’s not because of insecurity in your current relationship. If it is, take steps now to get back on track rather than punish yourself and everybody around you by hurting everyone emotionally when it\’s all over and done.


Massive let down

Maybe you’ve found a special someone and you’re now ready to step up your intimacy game. Maybe you’re starting from scratch.


Either way, there are some things that are important to know about being intimate with someone else for the first time after your marriage.


Especially if kids were involved in your last relationship, there is a lot more to think about when deciding whether or not it is appropriate for you to share intimacy with another person.


And regardless of what caused your divorce, children or not, getting into an intimate relationship can come with a host of unexpected feelings.