Is Your Relationship Just a Casual Hookup?

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When it comes to relationships, it can be hard to tell if it’s something serious or if it’s just a casual hookup. In the dating world, it’s important to understand the difference between a serious relationship and a casual one. In this blog post, we’ll explore the signs to look out for to help you determine if your relationship is more than just a casual hookup.

You’re not exclusive

When two people are just casually dating, they don’t feel the need to commit to each other. This could be a sign that your relationship is not going to be serious or long-term. In a casual relationship, you may go on dates or hang out together, but it’s usually not a priority. You might be seeing other people, or not see each other for weeks at a time. This type of relationship is not exclusive and could be easily broken off without any thought of divorce or a messy breakup. It’s important to have honest conversations about your expectations for the relationship if you want it to last. If you don’t see yourself heading towards marriage or a long-term commitment, it may be best to move on and find someone else who is more invested in a committed relationship.

You don’t spend much time together

If your relationship is just a casual hookup, chances are you won’t be spending much time together. Maybe you meet up for a date night once or twice a month or maybe you just send each other texts or messages occasionally. If you and your partner aren’t actively making time to see each other regularly, it’s likely that the relationship won’t develop into something more meaningful. Spending quality time together is an important part of a successful dating, marriage, or any other kind of relationship. If your relationship isn’t developing in that way, it may not be something worth investing in and could lead to divorce or a breakup down the line.

You don’t know much about each other

If your relationship is just a casual hookup, chances are you don’t know much about the other person. Sure, you may know what they do for a living or what type of music they like, but you likely don’t know details like where they grew up, their favorite color, or if they have any siblings. You also don’t know more personal details like if they’ve been through a divorce, a bad breakup, or a difficult marriage. This lack of knowledge is a clear sign that your relationship is only casual and not a long-term commitment. If you’ve been dating for a while, it’s important to take the time to get to know each other better in order to create a deeper connection.

There’s no emotional connection

If you’re just casually hooking up, chances are, there’s no emotional connection in the relationship. You may find yourself only seeing each other for physical gratification and not having any meaningful conversations. Dating and relationships require more than just physical attraction, it takes an emotional connection for a partnership to work out long-term. Without this strong bond, the relationship can often lead to a breakup or divorce as the two of you may not be able to rely on each other or connect emotionally. If you want to find true love, or even just a compatible partner, then it’s important to look beyond just physical attraction. Establishing a meaningful connection with your partner is key to the success of any marriage or long-term relationship.


Having a casual hookup is not the same as being in an actual relationship. It can be fun and exciting, but it’s not built on the same foundations as marriage or even a committed partnership. If you’re unsure about whether you’re in a causal hookup or a real relationship, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone you trust for advice. Talking to a professional, like a divorce or breakup coach or a dating expert, can help you gain clarity and make the best decisions for your future. Coach Brad has years of experience helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of relationships and can provide the guidance and support you need.