Shiny Object Syndrome – Are you suffering from this?

There are certain personality types who are particularly susceptible to giving up when they’re going through a breakup or divorce. Why do they do this? One of the major reasons why people give up on something they were once so invested in is called shiny object syndrome.
Its involves abandoning something (often times just as it gets difficult) in favor of something else that catches their eye at the moment. To help you prevent yourself from being one of these kinds of people. Here are some things you should know about shiny object syndrome and how to avoid giving up on your marriage or relationship when the going gets tough.


Giving up on the process of saving your marriage

The shiny object syndrome is a very common experience among married couples who are struggling with their relationship.


This happens when someone gets excited about something new and forgets about their past efforts to save their marriage. They feel that they can leave it behind and start fresh, however, in reality they\’re just looking for a reason to give up.


If you\’re feeling happy while going through your divorce. Then that is great, but don\’t forget what caused you to feel unhappy in your marriage to begin with!


Think of things that bring joy into your life as well as what makes your relationships go smoothly. You have to be able to incorporate all of these things into your new relationship.


Accepting things as final is fatal

People with shiny object syndrome often fall in love with an idea and when it doesn’t work out. They move on to another one. They allow themselves to be distracted by more exciting ideas and projects,


which ultimately causes them to give up on their initial endeavor altogether. Instead of giving in to shiny object syndrome, focus on just one idea for a reasonable amount of time (this can be as short as six months), then allow yourself to search for new ideas or projects—but only after you\’ve given your current endeavor time to succeed.


This will keep you motivated and prevent you from giving up before achieving any type of success.


Setting a good foundation

It\’s no secret that a breakup or divorce can leave us feeling devastated and defeated. We often feel like we have lost our sense of identity. LikeWISE things will never be okay again, and like we are living in a nightmare.


Yet many still manage to pick themselves back up and successfully move on to lead happy, successful lives. The truth is that whether you choose to get your life back together. Depends more on your ability to establish a good foundation for yourself than it does on how much time has passed since your breakup or divorce.


Establishing a good foundation requires taking four steps: 1) work hard; 2) Be honest with yourself; 3) stay positive; 4) don\’t forget who you are.


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Conquering Shiny Object Syndrome (And Moving On With Life)

Don\’t let your emotions get in your way. Yes, breakups and divorces can be emotionally devastating; but if you are really serious about moving on with life.


Don\’t let emotions keep you from moving forward. Take it from me — after my first divorce, I dated like crazy for two years. And married my second husband three months after we met.


If I had listened to friends who kept telling me not to rush into a new relationship. Because I was still hurting over my first divorce — well, let\’s just say that wouldn\’t have ended well.


Just make sure you\’re doing what\’s right for you — not anyone else.