When Marriage Needs a Miracle

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Marriage is a relationship that should be cherished and nurtured over the years. But there are times when marriages seem to be stuck in a difficult place, and it can be hard to find a way out. If you feel like your marriage needs a miracle, you’re not alone. Many couples have gone through tough times and have managed to come out stronger than ever. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the steps you can take to get your marriage back on track and create the healthy relationship you deserve.


When it comes to relationships and marriage, prayer can be one of the most powerful tools to help you get through difficult times. When your marriage is struggling and it feels like a breakup or divorce is inevitable, prayer can be a source of hope, strength, and comfort. Prayer can give you the courage to face challenges and have faith that things will work out. Pray for your relationship and for guidance from God to find solutions. Pray for God’s protection over your marriage, for His divine intervention, and for a miracle that will save it. Praying together with your spouse can also help to rebuild trust and strengthen your bond. Make it a priority to pray for your marriage and allow God to work in your relationship.

Read your Bible

When faced with the possibility of a breakup or divorce, reading your Bible can help you to stay focused on God’s will for your marriage. The Bible is full of encouraging and enlightening passages about relationships and marriage. Whether you are looking for guidance on how to handle your current situation or just looking for a word of encouragement, there is something in the Bible that can give you hope and direction.

Take some time to read the scriptures and pray for God to help you understand His will for your marriage. Ask Him to open your eyes and heart to the truth of His Word and allow it to guide your decisions. Reading the Bible can help bring clarity to the situation, help you heal, and give you a renewed sense of hope in your relationship. No matter what happens, God still loves you and wants the best for you and your marriage. He promises to never leave or forsake us and He is faithful to work all things together for our good.

Talk to your spouse

If you feel like your marriage is on the brink of a breakup or divorce, one of the best things you can do is talk to your spouse. Communication is essential for any relationship to survive, and marriage is no exception. When talking to your spouse, be honest about your feelings and concerns. Avoid accusations and stay away from blame, as this won’t help the situation. Instead, try to stay focused on finding solutions. If necessary, bring up potential solutions that you think might help to improve your marriage. Be sure to take some time to listen to your spouse’s thoughts and concerns as well. A good conversation between two spouses is essential in helping to keep their marriage alive and healthy.

Seek counseling

When a marriage is in trouble, one of the best things that you can do is to seek counseling from a licensed therapist. When a couple is struggling, seeking outside help can help them understand each other better and communicate better. A therapist can provide a safe space for couples to talk about issues in their relationship and figure out ways to solve them without fear of breakup or divorce. Counseling can help couples learn new techniques to enhance their relationship and keep it healthy. It can also help couples work through difficult conversations and gain insight into how they can improve their marriage. If you and your spouse feel like your marriage needs a miracle, seeking counseling may be the best place to start.


Marriage is a beautiful commitment between two people, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. The steps mentioned in this blog post can help you when marriage needs a miracle. Prayer and reading the Bible can help align your heart and mind with God’s purpose for marriage. Talking to your spouse and seeking professional counseling can help you work through any issues that arise in the relationship. Serving your spouse with unconditional love can help make the marriage stronger. It can be difficult to fight for your marriage, but it is worth it. Remember that a breakup or divorce should always be a last resort after all other options have been explored. If you have further questions about how to strengthen your marriage, please reach out to Coach Brad. He is here to help you save your marriage and restore your relationship.