Is There Such a Thing as a Breakup Glow Up?

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Breakups can be devastating, but many people have experienced what some call a “breakup glow up”. This phenomenon is when a person comes out of a bad breakup or even a failed marriage feeling more confident and ready to take on the world. But is this glow up actually real, or just a myth? In this blog post, we will be exploring if there is truly such a thing as a breakup glow up and how it affects individuals.

What is a breakup glow up?

A breakup glow-up is when a person experiences physical, mental, and emotional growth after a relationship ends. It can refer to a romantic relationship ending through a divorce or a couple breaking up, but the term can also be used to describe the healing process after any kind of significant relationship has ended. The idea behind a breakup glow-up is that sometimes when we go through a difficult situation, it can open the door to new opportunities, which can result in tangible growth and personal development.

When we experience the loss of a marriage or relationship, it can be an incredibly tough time, full of grief and sadness. However, during this difficult period, individuals often find themselves looking inward, reflecting on what went wrong and figuring out how to move forward more healthily and positively. In other words, they are using this painful experience to push themselves to become better versions of themselves. This process can be seen as the “glow up” – a transformation of sorts that leads to improved well-being and a new outlook on life.

The science behind the glow up

After a breakup or divorce, many people experience a “glow up”—the phenomenon of suddenly feeling more confident and attractive in the wake of a relationship ending. But what is it about breakups that can lead to such a transformation?
Studies have found that the end of a relationship or marriage can cause an individual to focus on themselves instead of the couple as a whole. This shift in focus often leads to a newfound confidence as the individual has more time to dedicate to self-care and personal goals.

Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that breakups can lead to improved body image as well. After a breakup, individuals may take up activities like exercise or learn how to dress better, which can result in increased self-esteem and a better sense of physical attractiveness.

But it’s important to note that a “glow up” isn’t just about physical appearance. The end of a relationship can also bring psychological benefits, such as improved mental clarity and greater creativity. A study found that after the dissolution of a romantic relationship, individuals reported increased levels of energy and optimism and a greater sense of self-efficacy.
Ultimately, the science behind the glow up is complicated and varied. But the research shows that breakups can lead to significant positive changes in an individual’s life. With the right attitude and approach, these changes can be even more meaningful and long-lasting.

Examples of celebrity glow ups

When a relationship or marriage ends, it can be difficult to find the motivation to make any positive changes in your life. But many celebrities have been able to turn the end of their relationships into something positive, making a spectacular post-breakup glow up. Here are some of the most impressive celebrity glow ups out there.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: This couple, who were married for eight years, are one of the most iconic couples in Hollywood. After they announced their separation in 2019, both of them have been glowing in various ways. Blake Lively has been focusing on her acting career, as well as becoming a businesswoman and launching a new lifestyle website. Ryan Reynolds, meanwhile, has become even more of a fan favorite since the breakup, thanks to his witty responses to trolls and his consistently hilarious tweets.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik: Before announcing their breakup in 2018, this couple was one of the most popular celebrity couples around. Since then, both Gigi and Zayn have found success in their respective careers. Gigi is one of the biggest models in the industry, while Zayn has released multiple chart-topping albums and singles.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Jennifer Aniston was an icon even before her 2017 split with Justin Theroux. But she has become even more beloved since then, finding success with new roles and winning awards for her performances. Meanwhile, Justin Theroux has become an internet sensation with his hilarious Instagram posts and quirky fashion choices.
These are just some of the amazing examples of celebrity glow ups that have happened after breakups. Whether you’re going through a breakup or just looking for some motivation to make a positive change in your life, these celebrity examples show that it can be done!

How to achieve your own glow up

When going through a breakup or divorce, it’s normal to feel heartache and sadness. But did you know that breakups can also be the catalyst for positive transformation? This phenomenon is known as a breakup glow up.

Achieving your own glow up starts with self-care. Set aside time to focus on yourself and prioritize activities that make you feel energized and happy. Consider taking up a new hobby, traveling, or trying out a different style. You could even join a gym and focus on getting in shape physically and mentally.

You can also take this opportunity to refocus on your goals and aspirations. What do you want to do differently now that you’re no longer in a relationship or marriage? Where do you want to be in five years? Take stock of the skills, knowledge, and experiences you have and decide what steps you need to take to move forward.

In addition, make sure you take the time to process the emotions associated with your breakup. Allow yourself to mourn the loss and don’t be afraid to seek professional help if needed. This can be an important step in achieving true inner peace and contentment.

Finally, make sure to surround yourself with supportive friends and family who are there to offer encouragement. Make sure your inner circle consists of people who will be there to lift you up instead of dragging you down.

By following these tips, you can embark on the journey of achieving your own breakup glow up. With dedication and hard work, you can come out stronger and happier than ever before!


The idea of a breakup glow up is real and can be beneficial to help move on from an unhealthy relationship. It is not always the case, however, that a person has to end a marriage or divorce in order to have a glow-up. Whether it be changing a hairstyle or discovering new interests, taking the time to invest in yourself can help you move forward. If you’re going through a difficult breakup and need some extra support, reach out to Coach Brad. He specializes in helping couples work through their relationship issues, as well as guiding individuals through breakups and post-divorce life.