The Advantages of Marriage Over Cohabitation

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Marriage is a major milestone in any relationship. It is a formal declaration of commitment between two people and provides certain legal, social, and financial benefits that simply cannot be achieved with cohabitation. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of marriage over cohabitation and why it is the better option for many couples.

Cohabitation can lead to instability

Living together before marriage has become increasingly popular, but cohabitation can actually lead to instability in relationships. Dating couples may feel the pressure to move in together and assume it is a natural step forward in their relationship, however living together can increase the likelihood of breakups or divorce. Cohabiting couples are two times more likely to breakup than married couples and nearly twice as likely to get divorced if they do decide to get married. This instability can be attributed to a number of factors, such as financial issues, insecurity in the relationship, and the lack of a legally binding commitment.

While there are some advantages to living together, such as being able to test out a potential marriage partner, it may not be the best option for couples who want a long-term, committed relationship. Marriage provides couples with an opportunity to make a lifelong commitment to each other and can provide stability that cohabiting couples may not have. Additionally, couples who are married are typically more likely to stay together, while cohabiting couples may be more likely to dissolve the relationship due to changing circumstances.

Marriage encourages faithfulness

When two people choose to enter into a marriage, they are committing to one another for the long-term. Whereas dating relationships can often be more casual and come to an end with a breakup, marriages provide a level of commitment that encourages faithfulness. Research shows that married couples are less likely to break up than couples who are simply dating. This is because married couples have made a conscious decision to stay together, which can make them more likely to put in the effort required to ensure the relationship lasts. Furthermore, if a couple chooses to divorce, they will have to go through a lengthy legal process. This can discourage couples from ending their marriage and encourages them to instead work on their relationship. Overall, marriage can create an environment of loyalty and dedication that is not always present in dating relationships.

Marriage can provide financial security

When two people make a lifelong commitment to each other through marriage, they are automatically provided with certain legal and financial protections. While couples who cohabit may share some of the same benefits that married couples enjoy, a legally-binding marriage provides much more security. Couples who are married are entitled to the same tax breaks, Social Security benefits, and inheritance rights that come with a long-term relationship. Additionally, if a couple is married and one partner passes away, the surviving spouse will have legal rights to the deceased’s property and other assets.

In contrast, those who choose to cohabit rather than marry can face major financial losses in the event of a breakup or divorce. Without a formal agreement in place, one partner could be left with no legal claims to any shared property or possessions. A couple who is married may also be better equipped to handle potential debts or financial hardships as they can pool their resources together.

Marriage provides a level of stability and security that couples who choose to date or cohabit cannot access. As they progress through their relationship, they are able to build upon their existing financial stability and plan for their future together.

Married couples have access to more resources

When a couple is married, they have access to resources that are not available to those who are simply dating or cohabitating. These resources include tax and insurance benefits, increased access to loans, and joint ownership of property. Being married often makes it easier for couples to acquire assets and plan for the future. In addition, if a married couple goes through a breakup or divorce, there are legal protocols in place that can help them divide their assets fairly.
By contrast, if a couple decides to live together without getting married, then there is no legal framework in place in case of a breakup or divorce. This leaves both parties vulnerable in terms of division of assets and ownership of property. As a result, marriage provides couples with the security of knowing that their resources will be protected even if their relationship ends.

Marriage can provide a stronger support system

When a couple chooses to marry, they are making a commitment to each other for the long term. This means that couples in a marriage have access to more resources than those in a cohabitation relationship. For example, if a couple goes through a difficult patch in their relationship, they can turn to friends, family, and even professionals for support. These resources are not available when dating or when cohabitating.

Additionally, marriage can offer greater security in the event of a breakup or divorce. A married couple is often entitled to certain financial benefits that couples in a cohabitation relationship would not be eligible for.

All of these factors make marriage a safer option for couples who are looking for long-term commitment. It provides them with the resources they need to work through difficulties and remain committed to one another. And in the event that the relationship does come to an end, the couple is better prepared to move on due to the safety net provided by marriage.


Marriage is an important commitment for any couple and has many advantages over cohabitation. By being married, couples have more financial security, more access to resources, and a stronger support system than if they were just dating or living together. Marriage also encourages faithfulness and discourages a breakup or divorce due to instability. For couples who are serious about their relationship, marriage is the best way to ensure it will last